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Best Architectural Instagrams to Follow in 2022



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Best Architectural Instagrams to Follow in 2022

As an architect, you always need to keep up to date with the latest trends, developments, and ideas in architecture. However, -as you can imagine- that means a lot to keep up with!

Social media has become a hero when it comes to following the latest trends. So, one of the best ways to keep up with architectural developments is following some architectural accounts on Instagram and seeing what other architects have been doing lately.

As architectural accounts on Instagram are bottomless well, we selected the top 10 architectural accounts in 2022. Hope these accounts will inspire you about your work in the upcoming year!

This list contains not only the most popular accounts that you should never miss but also, some accounts which have a relatively low number of followers which you should definitely give a chance to.

1. Architecture Hunter - @architecture_hunter πŸ”—

Architecture Hunter is a digital media startup empowering architecture & design for what they think needs to be seen by the world. They post almost every day, and you can be sure that their contents are not only inspiring but also they are quite informative.

If you follow this account, you will be guided through some of the greatest architectural pieces from all around the world!

2. Architecture & Design - @architectanddesign πŸ”—

This account is also one of the greatest accounts about architecture on Instagram. As it can be seen from their contents, the contributors of the page are quite knowledgeable and they are willing to share their knowledge with amazing and informative posts.

Also, this account is a great fit for entertainment with quizzes while learning more about architecture. Keep on following this account and try yourself with the quizzes they make!

3. Luciano Kruk - @lucianokruk.arquitectos πŸ”—

This account belongs to an architecture firm that focuses on residential homes. You can feel the respect they have for nature by looking at any of their designs. Their amazing designs show us it is possible to reunite nature and modern architecture.

If you would like to get inspired while connecting with nature this is the account for you.

4. Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter - @reiulframstadarkitekter πŸ”—

Quoting from them, β€œIn our work, we believe in making better landscapes, better cityscapes and better buildings – Of all kinds, for all people.”. Once you take a look at their Instagram account, you can truly be sure that their works, follow their goal of making better buildings for everyone.

If you usually prefer simple but elegant aesthetics, this account would be a great fit for you!

5. Omar Gandhi Architect - @og_architect πŸ”—

Omar Gandhi Architect is producing great works and you can be sure that the number of followers of this account will increase rapidly in the future thanks to them!

Also, they are quite successful about keeping up with new trends in architecture so, you may want to check out their projects regularly.

6. Christine Williamson - @buildingsciencefightclub πŸ”—

Christine Williamson’s account is a great option for anyone who is willing to learn more about architecture -especially architecture students-. You can learn almost everything you need to know about construction and building science while having quite a bit of fun by just checking out this account.

If you are interested and also enjoy these kinds of content, you can also check out the course Christine has prepared from the link on her bio.

7. Architecture-Daily Sketches - @arch_more πŸ”—

This account shares great architectural sketches daily which they collect from architects all around the world. While you will have a chance to learn, get inspired, and improve yourself by looking at the works of great architects, you’ll also have the opportunity to share your own works with a huge community of 850 thousand.

8. Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney - @eyrcarchitects πŸ”—

This account belongs to the firm EYRC which won AIA National Firm Award in 2015 and they have been doing some amazing works since. Once you take a look at their Instagram account, you will see that they are not also informative and inspiring but also a lot of fun as a team.

You will start feeling like a part of their community/team in no time once you start following their account.

9. Dayton Architecture - @dayton_architecture πŸ”—

If you are interested in historical architecture rather than modern architecture this is the account for you. While looking at these historic houses and learning from them, you will feel like you just traveled in time just to get inspired.

Who says you have to be a modernist architecture to keep up with developments? Always remember that you can also learn a lot from the past as well!

10. Makhno Studio - @makhno_design πŸ”—

This one is an account of an architecture firm that focuses on Ukrainian architecture, design, and ceramics. If you like finding elegance in simple things, and beauty in classics you will definitely enjoy the works of this firm!

Please keep in mind that these are only some of the greatest accounts, and it is impossible to give credit to all of the great works out there as we have limited time and great talents in architecture. Even though this is truly an uncompleted list, I truly hope it helps you get inspired in 2022!

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