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Best Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials in 2020



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Best Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials in 2020

Adobe Premiere Pro is the most used video editor in the industry, both available on Mac OS and Windows computers. You can edit video and audio footage to create the content you want, from music videos to YouTube videos and so much more. Adobe Premiere Pro has a wide range of different users, from major production studios editing films such as Avatar and Deadpool, to amateur video producers.

Whether you are a new or experienced user, vagon team has gathered the 10 best tutorials for you to improve your Adobe Premiere Pro skills! Now let’s get started and learn some cool stuff!

Tutorials from the Adobe Help Center: for Beginners and Experienced Users 🔗

Adobe is the go-to place if you want to learn more functionalities on Premiere Pro. They post insightful tutorial videos for both beginner and experienced users to learn the basics and improve your skills. The website gathers hundreds of short videos explaining different specific functionalities on how to use Premiere Pro.

Bright beginners, you will like the Premiere Pro “get started course” as much as we did. And here is a video to learn editing skills.

Premiere Basics

The place to go for beginners

Premiere Basics is the go-to place when you are a beginner in Premiere Pro and want to learn in a short time. They post short, weekly video tutorials for you to enhance your skills. Utilize Premiere Basics to get your first skills! Here is a 2 minutes video tutorial to learn how to create a timeline.


Cinecom.net is a very active YouTube Channel with 1.92 million subscribers and more than 550 videos. We strongly recommend for you guys to check out this channel. They provide Premiere Pro Tutorials, Camera tips, Lighting techniques and Cinematography lessons; enough for you to rapidly increase your video editing ability and become the king of Premiere Pro. They post videos twice a week – on Tuesdays and Fridays – don’t miss it!

Kyler Holland

With a broad range of video tutorials, Kyler Holland reaches now more than 200k subscribers. His Premiere Pro tutorials are about mirror effects, titles, transitions, and time lapse effects, and are explained in short sessions – generally 10 minutes long. He is full of resources, tricks, and enthusiasm to share with you his high-quality content. Go check out the nice work he did at vampire hours:

Justin Odisho

Perfect for Premiere Pro Users

With more than 680 videos and 780k subscribers, Justin Odisho provides useful tips about Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, and more. His videos are quite short – 7-10 minutes on average – and cover a broad range of interesting topics. If you have any questions about an effect in his tutorials and want to reproduce, don’t hesitate to contact him via Instagram. Here is an example of an inquiry about slow shutter speed time-lapse effects from a Travis Scott video:

Motion Array Tutorials

easy & friendly tutorials for everyone

The Motion Array YouTube channel is here to help you out daily, with more than 250 video tutorials. On this channel you can expect to see insight about their experience as video editors with Premiere Pro, After Effects, and how to create compelling videos in general. Their attractive videos are quite short – they rarely exceed 15 minutes long – and are easy to understand.

Peter McKinnon

cool video tricks

Peter McKinnon teaches cool stuff about cinematography and photography. His huge collection of videos – more than 450 – will help you better master Premiere Pro. His tutorials include transitions, how to gain time editing, animate titles, and so much other tips. Before jumping to his channel, check here 10 tips in Premiere Pro from Peter McKinnon:


the place where to find helpful videos

Orange83 provides high-quality content video editing tips and tutorials in Premiere Pro and After Effects. The tips and tutorials posted are for every user, from beginners to experienced ones. Actually, loads of users learned how to use Premiere Pro thanks to his helpful videos.


The story of Nathaniel Dodson, a graphic designer, and photographer, started at an early age. His video tutorials helped others work with the software. Here are some of the best Film Editing videos, Premiere Pro tutorials, Adobe Photoshop tutorials, Adobe Illustrator tutorials, Adobe Lightroom tutorials, Adobe Audition tutorials, Adobe XD tutorials, and Da Vinci Resolve videos you can find. As he says: “Grab some popcorn and stick around a while!”

Josh Olufemii

Josh Olufemii lives in the US and has 221k subscribers and more than 200 videos to his asset. He provides numerous user-friendly tips everybody wants to know about Premiere Pro, After Effects and Music Video Productions. Here is a cool and short resource providing some editing tricks in Premiere Pro.

You can boost your Premiere Pro skills from those communities and channels. vagon created a special high-performance computer that you can run any graphic intense project for you! vagon is crafted for your needs and is always here for you to give the best experience!

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