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Best Studios in 2021 for Character Design



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Best Studios in 2021 for Character Design

Seen as one of the most desired careers in the entertainment artist industry, character design allows for 3D artists to generate not just artwork, but also the full style and concept of a character as well. Altogether, it’s the full task of building up the character’s personality into a visual experience that tells a story to viewers.

Image by Mark Frost from Pixabay

Utilized in a wide variety of mediums in the entertainment industry, from movies and television shows, to video games and advertisements, character design is needed to make visual stories come to life. If you are in this industry, some of the best creations have come out of innovative and inspirational character design studios.

Check out these studios below to bring your ambitions and inspiration for character creation to new levels!

Pixune 🔗

Based out of Warsaw, Poland, Pixune is a 3D Animation and video game studio that specializes in designing gameplay mechanics, 3D animation story development, designing storyboard and concept Art, and 3D modeling.

In particular, their character designs are used in a variety of different areas, from video games and mascots, to animations and novels. WIth over 2000 characters designed by their team, it’s easy to see their wide variety of styles in fantasy, cartoons, realistic, pixel art, and more. Check out their full character design portfolio here.

Jumbla 🔗

London and Melbourne-based Jumbla is a global creative production company with over 250 years specializing in animation, motion graphics, illustration, and sound design. Working with some of the world’s largest businesses, agencies, and brands, their projects are no short of incredible and far reaching in impact.

In particular, their discipline in character design shows an incredible detailed aspect to their studio, in which they work on-site to help build original character designs with a wide scope of visual appeal and personality to their projects. Designed specifically with their clients in mind, Jumbla works with the brand and identity to ensure the character is unique and compelling in its message. Check out more of their work in their all encompassing portfolio here.

BluBlu Studios 🔗

As a design-driven animation production company, BluBlu Studios has worked with notorious clients such as The New York Times and Universal Music Group. Partnering with prominent publishers, production houses, and global brands, their work is focused on bringing visual storytelling and high-end designs to make content that creates impact for their clients.

Focusing solely on their character design, their process is centered around the design and character background for the purpose of telling a compelling story to the target audience of the project. View their full client portfolio to see some of their ingenious and unique designs come to life.

Dream Farm Studios 🔗

Focused on creating real and visual appealing animated videos for companies, people, and agencies, Dream Farm Studios is centered around 3D animation, 2D animation, commercial animation, and character design. With notable clients such as Dish Network and Flaregames, there is no shortage of real experience in the animation industry with this studio.

Specific to character design, artists at Dream Farm Studios have created thousands of characters used in an array of projects such as TV commercials, video games, educational videos, and short & feature films. View their wide range of character genres in their portfolio here.

Mortar Studios 🔗

Sydney-based Mortar Studios is a 3D design studio specializing in augmented reality, character design, and animation. Priding itself in the motto “If you can imagine it, we can create it”, their portfolio truly encapsulates this expertise in the industry.

From concept illustrations to final 3D models, their character design process encompasses all aspects of a project. Suitable for mediums such as mobile apps, games, TVCs, and film production, their designs have been utilized by a number of clients both in Australia and around the globe. Their portfolio is a must-see for anyone in the 3D/CG industry, with work ranging from simple cartoon designs to hyper realistic visualizations of people and insects.

Mia Milan Illustrations 🔗

For over 30 years, MIA Milan Illustrations Agency has been a source for creative solutions to a wide variety of clients such as editors, publishers, and agencies. With special attention on particular cultural aspects and audiences, their work in character design is focused on book illustrations and publication.

If you are interested in cartoon character design and specifically book illustration, this is a design studio you will definitely want to check out. See their works here!

GraphicMama 🔗

Created out of a small IT company in Varna, Bulgaria, GraphicMama is a studio specialized in high-quality vector graphic illustrations. With a team of illustrators, graphic designers, and programmers, the work they create is used in a wide range of applications including video and animation, website design, custom illustration, and character development.

With a design more grounded in cartoon figures and animation, their characters bring to life their clients’ projects. From fantasy, superheroes, educational, and many other genres, you can expect a good focus on cartoonish character development with this design studio. A must see portfolio for those interested specifically in this type of design.

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