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A Complete Guide to the Top Tutorials for 3Ds Max



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A Complete Guide to the Top Tutorials for 3Ds Max

Whether you’re a game developer, architect, or 3D artist, 3ds Max is one of the most widely used softwares for architectural rendering, character development, and animation in the industry. Utilizing 3ds Max, users are able to handle a variety of phases in the animation process including modeling and texturing, pre-visualization, design visualization, layout, cameras, rigging, animation and effects, VFX, lighting, and rendering.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

In the 3D artist and game development fields, the software is particularly useful for bringing objects, people, and settings to life with natural features and distinct characteristics. In the architecture and interior design fields, 3ds max is incredible in its ability to create lifelike visualizations of the building, interior, and planning concepts of client projects.

Although there are many 3D visualization softwares out there, 3ds max is recommended for its easy to grasp toolset and readily available resources for learning. Finding the right resources to start can seem daunting, so the Vagon team has created this guide to some of our favorite video tutorials for learning the software.

1. Autodesk 3ds Max Learning Channel πŸ”—

Out of all the tutorials out there for learning 3ds Max, there is nothing more fundamental than the resources made directly available from Autodesk, the creators of the software itself. On the Autodesk 3ds Max Learning Channel you can find tutorial playlists covering all of the basic tools and functions of the platform, such as user interface, file management, and object manipulation to name a few.

With over 291K Subscribers, the Autodesk 3ds Max Learning Channel provides video playlists for all of the key concepts of the software, from motion graphics to design & visualization. Check out this channel for any skill level ranging from beginner to advanced. A must-view resource for anyone in this field!

2. Training 3ds max πŸ”—

With over 25K subscribers, Training 3ds max offers a wide collection of tutorial videos primarily focused in object and furniture visualization. If you are an interior or furniture designer looking for great walk throughs on 3ds max animation, you have a plethora of example cases to choose from, including sofas, light fixtures, and appliances to name a few.

Most notably, the specific playlists showcased in Training 3ds max walk you through the fundamentals of the software, modeling of wooden furniture, and an introduction to Vray applications.

3. Simulation Lab πŸ”—

Covering a wide variety of tutorials ranging from beginner to more intermediate and advanced, Simulation Lab is a great resource for those interested in progressing their skills at any level in 3ds Max. You can start with the basics in the 3ds Max Basics Tutorial playlist if you’re just starting out, and then work your way through more advanced and intricate tutorials to gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of the software overall.

Ranging from tutorial videos in architectural design to augmented reality, the expansive scope of this channel makes it one of the most well rounded resources available, regardless of your 3D modeling industry.

4. Oner Oncer πŸ”—

If you are looking for 3ds Max tutorials specifically related to architecture, the Oner Oncer channel is the go-to resource for learning anything related to photorealistic project visualization. Focused on both interior and exterior design in 3ds Max, you can expect great tutorial walkthroughs for understanding the process of making project animations come to life.

Tailored playlists take you through the process of creating the animations, working with concepts like lighting, furniture, materials, and exterior design. Pair this channel with Training 3ds max from earlier, and you’ll set for creating visually appealing animations of the architectural projects in your field.

5. 3DcravingTV πŸ”—

Tailored to product design and interior renderings, 3DcravingTV is a great resource for those in the fields of architecture and design. Tutorials on this channel walk you through the basics for using 3ds max on simple products to get your experience started. If you are looking for more thorough tutorials, you can find video playlists that explain tips and tricks using 3ds max and introductory videos to Vray as well.

The greatest asset with this channel are the tips and tricks video explanations that explain some of the more nuanced issues that 3ds max users face. Check out this resource video below to see some of this insight!

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