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Best Tutorials for Learning SOLIDWORKS

Christopher Enriquez
Christopher Enriquez

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Best Tutorials for Learning SOLIDWORKS

Whether you are a mechanical engineer or an industrial designer, SOLIDWORKS is arguably the best and most used software for 3D CAD product design and simulation in the industry. Utilizing SOLIDWORKS, one is able to create and modify interconnected part files, assembly files, and drawing files. When relating these different part types within the software itself, changes to one file can be automatically reflected in their corresponding relations. This software has enormous potential to create 2D drawings, design and develop 3D products, simulate real-life processes, and estimate production costs.

With an array of resources out there for learning the tips and tricks of this software, vagon team has condensed the search for great tutorials for learning SOLIDWORKS down to a top 5. Follow along and letโ€™s start creating!

1. SolidWorks Tutorials ๐Ÿ”—

From time to time weโ€™ve all experienced tutorial videos that put us right to sleep; however, with SolidWorks Tutorials you wonโ€™t have to worry about this! With Ryan as our host in these videos, youโ€™ll not only have an array of insightful information on how to navigate the software for both beginners and intermediates, youโ€™ll also have a few laughs and entertaining commentary along the way.

Currently hosting 34K subscribers, his videos take you through all of the basics of parts, assemblies, and drawings in SOLIDWORKS depending on your skillset. Topics include smart dimensioning, 3D extruding, and engineering drawing. You can also find tutorials for weldments and other assembly examples as well.

If youโ€™re interested in a more thorough training in SolidWorks with Ryan, you can sign up for his new SolidWorks course containing over 50+ videos starting from the basics all the way up to CSWA and CSWP certification. Find more details on pricing, perks, and course details on his website here.

2. Vertanux1 ๐Ÿ”—

With over 39K subscribers, Vertanux1 offers an array of CAD tutorials, with a focus on Creo Parametric and SOLIDWORKS. Within the SOLIDWORKS collection, you can find beginner training videos that take you through the basics of the software. Other more intermediate videos provide insight on industry-useful skills such as converting old 2D CAD drawings back to 3D models, and more complex assemblies. Vertanux1 also includes a website for users to download SOLIDWORKS instruction manuals, the assembly parts used in the tutorials, and resources for educators.

3. CAD CAM Tutorial ๐Ÿ”—

With a truly expansive collection of tutorials, ranging from beginner fundamentals to advanced assemblies and simulations, there is no wonder CAD CAM Tutorial has topped out at over 236K subscriptions. Here you can start off with the basics with over 70 training videos in the Solidworks Complete Learning Tutorials course training playlist, and then practice your new skills in step-by-step videos working with assemblies ranging from car engines to guitars.

In terms of quality and quantity, CAD CAM Tutorial definitely makes the mark!

4. Tutorials Engineer า‚ ๐Ÿ”—

If youโ€™re searching for another comprehensive resource for learning SOLIDWORKS, Tutorials Engineer า‚ is a great place to start, spend a few hours, and then become an expert! In particular, the SolidWorks Complete Learning Tutorials playlist is an incredible collection of videos starting users with the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS creation all the way through Weldment, Assembly, Sheet Metal, and Molding Tools.

Check out the tutorial below on using the Zebra Strip tool for viewing small changes in the surfaces of your assembly!

5. Invention Therapy ๐Ÿ”—

Invention Therapy is the go-to place for entrepreneurs to find skills and get advice from the host Richard Haberkern, for turning ideas into tangible products to sell. Within the resources available from this YouTube channel, viewers can find quite a few interesting playlists that quickly give insight into the basics of SOLIDWORKS. Each video introduces itself with a dramatic guitar intro, that at times makes the video feel more like a TNT show rather than a tutorial!

Check out this video tutorial explaining using surfaces to add features to your part file!

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