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Creative Interview: Marc Urtasun / Designer

Rachel Janiaut
Rachel Janiaut

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Creative Interview: Marc Urtasun / Designer

Marc is a freelance designer from Barcelona and he is really passionate about 3D, typography, illustration, design and animation. His amazing works really inspired us!

He has been previously work with really impressive clients such as Adidas, Nike, Google and Riot Games and all are amazing projects!

You can find our mini interview with him. Cheers!

In which part of the day do you feel more productive?

I think creativity doesn’t understand schedules, mornings, or afternoons… but it’s related to distractions.

I get distracted very easily so for me the best part of the day is at night. When nobody is talking to you, nobody is waiting for you to answer an email, your friends are sleeping…

When I’m productive or working with something cool I don’t like to stop. It’s like time freezes and I can be more focused.

Which softwares do you use while creating?

I use mainly Cinema 4D with Octane or Redshift and After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and sometimes Zbrush.

How do you see the future of 3D in 10 years?

I think ( and I wish ) that it will be completely real-time renders.

The world of videogames is growing very fast and are totally a game changer in the industry. It’s helping us a lot and they are changing the software and renders engines that we use in motion graphics so I think that we will use this “real-time renders” used in video games in our work.

Which one of your projects you like the most and how did you come up with the idea of creating it?

My favorite work is the “hell yeah” . I did it 5 years ago but it has all the elements that I like.

It was also my first 3D printed work and I really love the feeling when you can touch your work.

When I create something I usually don’t think in only one element or purpose, I like to create concepts or “worlds” where I can do a lot of things, like print, sculpture, animations…

Does new developments in cgi technology like GPU rendering affect the way you work?

Absolutely. Switching to GPU render is the best thing I’ve ever done… The render time before was insane.

With GPU render and real-time viewer you can focus on creating cool things and forget the technical part. The relation between you and the render is more fluid and direct, so you become more creative and do better work.

Marc really believes in the performance evolution of GPUs for his future works, same for us. But, still those performance options are really expensive for an individual creative.

And, that’s the reason why we created vagon for you! You can run any challenger creative software on vagon with just a click. You don’t have to pay for an expensive computer, but you can run a high-performance one, from you low-end desktop’s browser.

We hope you enjoyed reading our mini interview with Marc, and it will continue!

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