May 04, 2020 · 2 mins read

Creative Interview: Tadej Blažič / 3D Artist



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Creative Interview: Tadej Blažič / 3D Artist

Today we’re starting to introduce our community members and their lovely works.

Our first interview with Tadej, who is a 3D modeling and animations professional.

Who is Tadej Blažič?

Tadej Blažič is a 3D Artist who has lots of fluffy and creative 3D models and animations at his portfolio.

His latest works have been created at vagon, and we wanted to learn about him a little bit more!

Just enjoy our interview with him, and if you want to be featured in our community posts, just let us now.

You can check his Instagram account to see his works.

Hello Bla, Do you have a morning routine?

Yes, basically get up, make coffee and play Minecraft on Switch for about an hour followed by a quick half an hour walk.

I’m not a morning person so I like to chill for a couple of hours in the morning to get ideas and tasks for the day.

Mourning Routine Minecraft

What is the best thing about working from home?

Just making your own schedule and task list. With 3D stuff there’s plenty of waiting for renders or computations, so it’s nice to be home and fill those gaps with either working on the next project or just chilling for a couple of minutes with a cup of coffee.

Work from home with vagon

Which softwares do you use to create?

Blender for 3D and Da Vinci Resolve for video editing.

Do you work on personal projects in your spare time?

Of course; I like to mess with ideas and settings or just try to expand to other media, learn new approaches to creative expression and new skills to add to animation.

As vagon team, we really enjoyed our interview and his fluffy works.

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