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Virtual Exhibitions with Vagon Streams



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Virtual Exhibitions with Vagon Streams

How did a multinational company use Vagon Streams to reach its audience worldwide?

After the Covid-19 pandemic, where we work from was not the only thing that changed in the business world. The communication of companies with their customers has shifted from the physical environment to the virtual environment which has enabled companies to dare new possibilities in the digital world that were not available before.

Before The Event

The courageous company that we will talk about in this article, wanted to reach its customers with a virtual exhibition. This international company (let’s call them Company B), whose area of expertise is the production of alcoholic beverages, reached out to Syll Studios, which has expertise in designing experiences to realize this exhibition that will increase its presence in the digital environment.

They worked together and the result was a good-looking virtual experience that not only shows Company B’s drinks’ quality, but also the story and effort behind the drinks.

However, there was a problem. Despite all the hard work and designing a beautiful virtual experience, there was no infrastructure to deliver it to Company B’s customers all over the world. This infrastructure investment could have been made, but for this event, which would last less than a week, it would not make sense to invest in the required hardware. Also, the days were passing quickly and neither company had expertise in this area so they were stuck at this point.

Having tried different alternatives before, Syll Studios had continued its search because they could not find the customer support they wanted until they finally contacted the Vagon Streams team. Meetings were held in a short time, the needs were understood and action was taken. Thanks to its easy API integrations, Vagon Streams was promising a quality streaming experience even if it wasn’t finalized as a product yet. Thus, the paths of these three companies came together.

The Event

The mentioned application was built on Unreal Engine 4. The app prepared by Syll Studios has been uploaded to Vagon Streams and then embedded in Company B’s website with a single iframe.

More than 10 thousand users from all over the world attended this virtual exhibition for 5 days. Users had the chance to learn the history & the story of many brands of Company B in a distinct way and became more connected to the company. The most unique part was that they were able to participate in this experience without the need of a special device, on their own mobile, tablet, company Lenovo notebooks, and even Chromebooks.

After The Event

The event has been completed successfully and all companies gained a pleasing partnership experience where their courage paid off. Let’s look at what companies have gained thanks to this partnership.

The Company B: They had the chance to reach more than 10 thousand customers all over the world without making huge hardware investments and offered them the opportunity to have a unique experience. Thanks to the API integrations made before the event, the company was able to monitor the traffic of its customers during the event.

Syll Studios: Thanks to the effortless integrations of Vagon Streams, they quickly met their needs in order to deliver the application to the end-user successfully. Their efforts and long hours of creative labor were not in vain.

They did not have to come up with the necessary configuration settings for each device and operating system, as the application they made worked seamlessly on all devices.

Vagon: After working on Vagon Streams for a long time, this partnership request even before announcing our product made us very happy. Throughout the process, we learned lessons from our partners about their needs and how we can make our product more usable for them. It was a satisfactory experience for us to be appreciated for our streaming quality, support, and customization competence. We look forward to our future collaborative work.

If you have users that you want to deliver your application to, no matter what device they use and their location, try Vagon Streams. With our easy onboarding process, competitive prices, excellent customer support, and flexible structure; we are ready for your streaming needs up to 4K image quality at 60 FPS.

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