About Vagon

Vagon is a cloud based personal computer for creative individuals and teams. We handle all aspects of having a cloud native computer that is flexible, mobile and reliable. We’ve created an advanced real time display protocol to make sure your experience feels like a physical computer that you can access anywhere, anytime.

Vagon’s performance elasticity makes sure your workstation is always equipped to handle whatever job you have to perform at any time. You don’t have to break the bank, building a workstation that can handle everything.

Story so far

Vagon has reached thousands of users who want to transform the way they use a computer in a short span, globally. We have 8 datacenters at the moment in North America, EU, Australia and South Asia. We’re a well-funded company with known investors such as Eren Bali - founder of Udemy and Carbon Health and Sina Afra - founder of Markafoni and Tiko.es. We continue to develop new technologies in accordance with our mission and it’s time to speed up on the marketing side, too!

As Business Development Specialist , you’ll be

  • Working in an international team to plan and execute our business roadmap.
  • Doing market research and evaluating business and partnership opportunities for Vagon to boost our growth.
  • Collecting and analyzing user and market data and taking business decisions together with our founding team.
  • Creating partnerships with creative application developers such as Adobe and Autodesk, cloud service providers such as Google, Amazon and hardware companies.
  • Working on all aspects of Vagon’s new and existing business funnels, including but not limited to finance, data, marketing and growth.

We’re looking for someone who is:

  • A problem solver with strong analytical skills.
  • An introvert who loves analyzing things, but at the same time an extravert who loves reaching out to new people and establishing new things.
  • An execution minded person loves to work in agile environments.
  • Capable of thinking outside the box and creating new ideas.

What we offer

  • Right time, right place: The opportunity to be a part of the core team of a global tech startup with rapid growth.
  • A considerable challenge in all aspects! We’re growing, yet how fast we accomplish things will rely on your efforts, too!
  • Opportunity to create and apply your own ideas and opportunity to get experience of all aspects of a global startup.
  • A brand new company culture where we work and enjoy together and where ideas and effort matters, not fancy words!
  • Stock option opportunity for the teammates who show their worth!


How do I get in touch?

You can email us: hr@vagon.io

Who else works at Vagon?

The product team consists of Hasan Can, Serdar, Zahid, Tahsin, Berkay, Arda and Berk. We also have a few other friends who occasionally help us on a part time contract basis.

Where is Vagon located?

We have offices in Stockholm and İstanbul but for the time being we work remotely due to Covid-19 pandemic and our team is spread in different countries. Good connection and good vibe, that’s all we need to work. Vagon is a remote friendly company but during this period we’ve also found that we actually miss working together in the office, too. So, after things go back to normal (whatever that means) we’ll start using our offices but we will always be remote friendly and have full time remote team members so that location is never a barrier to join Vagon.

Are you okay with remote employment?


How does Vagon work?

We’ve created a real time display protocol that works on the application layer and implemented it in what we call Vagon Agent. We then created an infrastructure in which we automate not only the provisioning and configuration of this application but also the entire lifecycle of a cloud computer that can handle different public cloud providers. Vagon is a batteries included solution; it bridges the gap between human beings and the Cloud. So we have prioritized security and ease of use from day one.

Get in touch

If you are the talent for a position or want to be
part of the tech leaders, just drop us a message.