Welcome Creators! 👋🏻

We’ve just launched vagon on a mission to create a better computer for all creatives.
We know it’s a long run but it is a good time to start telling people about how vagon can be a game-changer.

And for that, we need your support!

If you are a designer, architect, video editor or some other creative, we ask you to create content about vagon. If you are not a creative, tell about your friends who might be interested!

Some Examples
  • What is vagon and how can it help a certain group or all creatives?
  • How to use vagon, how was your experience?
  • Practical ways to use vagon
  • How to run specific software or create a challenging output in vagon?
  • Software Examples: Adobe Premiere Pro, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, Blender, Autocad, Revit, Lumion
  • How can vagon make things easier for creatives?

  • You can tell about one or all of them. You can also tell about another subject if you think it is something on the spot.

    How to Join
    Make your content ready. Upload it and if we select it, you will get the reward.

    How to Get the Reward
    We’ll evaluate contents periodically and you’ll get notified via your email if you win and we’ll award you the prize. All rewards are in cash, they are not some credit on vagon or elsewhere.

    We’ll be also sharing the selected contents through our website and social channels.

    Rules are Simple
  • Content should be friendly and should include personal messages/recommendations
  • It shouldn’t tell about hacking or cracking something
  • It shouldn’t include illegal things or unlicensed use of a commercial software
  • And no cheating, stolen content will be out of the game. We’ll also check by your email, if you really tried vagon or not.
  • You can apply as many times as you want!
  • Video Content
    Preferably: 2-10 mins
    The Reward for Chosen Content: $250 cash / Video

    Visual Post
    The Reward for Chosen Content: $75 cash / Visual Post

    Blog Post
    Preferably: 750 - 3000 words
    Should include visual content such as images
    The Reward for Chosen Content: $150 cash / Blog Post

    Instagram Story
    The Reward for Chosen Content: $50 cash / Instagram Story

    vagon makes your
    daily routine,


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the computer storage for?

    vagon provides you with a private computer. It's where you install your software and work on your files. We store it on the cloud and make it accessible to you at all times. Thanks to that, you won’t have to reinstall everything on a fresh desktop each time you want to use vagon.

    What about my files? How do you store them?

    We are working on a file storage system on top of computer storage to offer a more practical and efficient way to handle files. It is not ready yet, and when it is, it will add practically infinite file storage capacity to your vagon. Until then, we recommend using cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive to access your files on vagon.

    Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

    Yes! vagon doesn't require any upfront commitments. You can cancel or restart your subscription anytime.

    Where are your servers located?

    By using the power of the cloud we're leveraging an existing, reliable set of datacenters distributed around the world. This way we ensure that you're always getting the best experience out of your workstation anywhere in the world. There are 4 locations now and we’ll add more soon.

    Which operating systems are supported?

    vagon client supports Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Currently we only provide Windows OS computers. Linux computers are on the way.

    Do I have to pay for hardware upgrades?

    No. vagon ensures that our fleet of servers are equipped with up to date hardware so that you can always enjoy using the current generation of equipment. We'll always let you know when a new generation of performance is coming.


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