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About Vagon

Vagon is a cloud based personal computer for creative individuals. We handle all aspects of having a cloud native computer that is flexible, mobile and reliable. We’ve created an advanced real time display protocol to make sure your experience feels like a physical computer that you can access anywhere, anytime.

Vagon’s performance elasticity makes sure your workstation is always equipped to handle whatever job you have to perform at any time. You don’t have to break the bank building a workstation that can handle everything. Vagon can easily scale up and down instantly.

Why is vagon needed?

Let’s say that you are working on an extra challenging video editing project where you need a really powerful computer - vagon helps you with that. Or you may already have a good workstation but you are looking for a way to get rid of time-consuming tasks i.e. rendering. Then start vagon instantly and make it handle that without affecting your workstation.

In vagon, creatives get a personal powerful computer on the cloud but pay only when they use it. We are working to make vagon a seamless and flexible computer extension experience when you need better computation power.

So what’s your role?

As a Marketing Team Lead here at vagon, you’ll be owning our marketing efforts with a focus on early growth. You will be the person in our company that makes sure that we plan and execute the right growth and marketing activities to expand our user base. You’ll collect and analyze data and take sound growth decisions based on those. You are expected to “hack the growth” with extraordinary marketing and growth ideas.

To your help, you will have the rest of the team and interns that will help you.

Skills and Requirements

  • Broad understanding and experience in marketing and experience from a growth-related role from a startup.
  • A problem solver and figure out how to get the results with limited resources.
  • Execution minded person who can also work in agile environments.
  • Thinking outside the box - that’s what we are looking for.
  • Ability to lead an international team remotely.

What can we offer?

We offer the possibility to come into a global startup that is going to grow fast, that has a strong product that users love, where you get to take big responsibility, and also where there is a great team, making things real. It is a full-time position and we’re planning to offer stock options to the position holder when we see that the chemistry is there.


How do I get in touch?

You can email us:

Where is Vagon located?

We are a completely remote company for the time being. This was always the plan since we’ve founded Vagon although Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this transition. During this period we’ve found that we actually miss being able to work in an office. So, after things go back to normal (whatever that means) we might open up an office but we will always be remote friendly and have full time remote team members so that location is never a barrier to join Vagon.

Are you okay with remote employment?


How does Vagon make money?

We charge our users a base subscription fee depending on disk size for storing their data and then charge them by the minute for usage of their workstations. You can find out more about it here.

How does Vagon work?

We’ve created a real time display protocol that works on the application layer and implemented it in what we call Vagon Agent. We then created an infrastructure in which we automate not only the provisioning and configuration of this application but also the entire lifecycle of a cloud computer that can handle different public cloud providers. Vagon is a batteries included solution; it bridges the gap between human beings and the Cloud. So we have prioritized security and ease of use from day one.