Remote performance
for enterprises

Extend your company’s technical capabilities with Vagon and help your team work smoothly on any application wherever they are. CAD design, 3D Applications or any niche solutions can be run smoothly on Vagon. Improve your productivity with pay as you go performance at scale anywhere in the world.

Vagon is compatible with your VPN and file systems and can be customized for your needs. Assign and track sessions, configure capabilities. Start it securely and run on any device.

Companies, institutions, platforms. If you’re looking for a performance solution, Vagon is your solution. Contact us today to learn more.

Any app works on any device

Vagon offers top level performance to any device to make your team run applications faster. Offer secure and controlled work environments, design products, analyze systems or run simulations on any device with the best performance.

Let your team collaborate

Vagon comes with collaborative features for any app! Your team can work together or with your clients on the browser to reduce time loss and improve efficiency. Vagon comes with productivity tools such as collaborative sessions and shared folders to bring the next level to your organization.

Integrate your VPN and systems

Vagon is compatible with your IT systems: your VPN, file systems and license servers. Use Vagon as an extension to your existing infrastructure securely, wherever you are. You don’t have to trade security for remote performance access. Vagon brings both to the table, together.

More productive
design teams

Remote or at your office: level up your team’s productivity securely with Vagon. Best performance for heavy applications on any device. For all, including retail, fashion, CAD, 3D design and others.

Virtual computer
labs for everybody

Schools, academia or institutions. Offer your custom and scalable virtual computer lab with Vagon to your students or audience. Make them learn better without requiring pro workstations.

Secure desktops
for agents

Create your company’s secure virtual desktop environment for your agents and have control at every step. Monitor usages and track work at any step.

Remote pro

Scalable performance on any device. You don’t have to worry about hardware to become remote compatible. Vagon works on any device to run all applications. Now all devices are pro workstations.

10x faster computation
and simulations

Run simulations with the best performance or set up multiple devices to speed up your task. Time is money, boost your computations with Vagon.

Simple & secure
trials on your web

No setup files, no installations. Start your “one-click” simple and secure trial experience on your website, easily. Transform your application delivery.

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