Video Production is a demanding job and all video producers are lacking processing power for their projects. However, it’s really hard to afford an expensive workstation and maintain it. Projects always require more processing power in terms of CPU and GPU.

Sometimes switching between software can become exhausting, especially with different hardware requirements.

Does your rendering take too long?

Beyond your computer’s technical capabilities, every project and software has their unique needs. Even in a single piece of software, the system requirements can be different depending on the task you are trying to do. While working on a project requires CPU and cores, rendering demands more GPU power.

Does your encoding process block your computer?

Even if you have a super computer or an office workstation, rendering or simulating your projects is always a bottleneck. When processing your output, it’s impossible to work on another project. Your super computer loses its superpowers and becomes a low-end device!

High-Performance Computers for Video Producers!

Here is the solution! With vagon you will get a top-notch computer performance even from a Chromebook. Moreover, vagon will reduce workstation investments. Each vagon computer is an individual virtual machine with flexible super performance accessed via a modest connection speed.

Choose from the performance options up to 32 cores, 244 GB RAM, 2 x 8 GB Nvidia Tesla M60 GPU. Create your project draft with a low-level performance option.

Once your design is ready, upgrade vagon to 32 cores of 244 GB RAM and 2 x 8 GB GPU with a single click and start using high-performance! vagon makes it possible to create your graphic intensive projects on your low-end laptop.

It is also possible to throw away the performance demanding tasks to vagon, and to free your computer from tedious tasks that inhibit your work flow.

Upgrade your laptop to a high-end computer.

Trial includes 2 hours of Sea + 2 hours of Planet usage

and 50GB Storage for 7 days from $0.99.

“Imagine that you're on a travel and you have your laptop with you. You can still modify some things on a big project that you're working on, but you need to render it. With vagon, you can turn your own laptop to a high-end machine, which is crazy.”

Ignace Aleya, Film Maker and Instructor

Render Faster with vagon

Try the performance of vagon computer with 32 cores, 244 GB RAM, 2 x 8 GB Nvidia Tesla M60 GPU. Don't bother with long rendering times, or a night-long session of rendering.

Additional Processing Power

Set vagon as your secondary screen and use it when you need more power. Don't demand more of your computer, just leave that task to vagon and keep going for your next project.

2 hours of Sea + 2 hours of Planet usage

and 50GB Storage for 7 days included.