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Top 10 Communities for Video Producers



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Top 10 Communities for Video Producers

As a video producer, if you want to stay up to date, learn new things, get entertained and inspired, or also look at other people’s production content, you are at the right place!

vagon team selected our favorite blogs for you, full of helpful resources to learn more about film making, post-production, color grading, new gears, and much more.

1. The Blast from Rocket Stock: The Go-To Resource πŸ”—

The Blast gathers many helpful tips and tutorials for After Effects, Motion Design, and Video Editing in general. They are specialized in post-production and provide resources to access free music for your videos, free-motion design assets, VFX inspiration, and technical advice, among others. It is the go-to resource to enhance your projects.

2. Creative COW: The Worldwide Film and Video Making Community πŸ”—

Since 2001, Creative COW has been empowering media professionals thanks to their peer-to-peer support community. Creative COW Community is there to help you anytime with any video production issue; you just have to ask. They also provide a huge panel of blog posts to expand your skills in editing, technology, inspiration, entertainment.

3. No Film School: Good resource for inspiration πŸ”—

No Film School is the leading worldwide community of filmmakers. They provide excellent tutorials and articles to know more about filmmaking, video production, and all things related to the industry. Not only No Film School is where filmmakers learn from each other, but also they provide excellent articles about cameras, film industry history.

4. Video copilot: A very good collaborative resource πŸ”—

Video Copilot is a collaborative resource for editors. They publish very insightful and diverse tutorials about scripts and presets, VFX, and some basics related to the different software, time remapping, animation and so much more! Those are good resources for training as they are short and easy to understand. The forum is also quite useful to ask or answer questions and become an active member of the community.

5. Cinema 5D: The leading source for filmmaking technology news and reviews πŸ”—

Cinema 5D is the place to go if you want to stay up to date and know everything about the latest advancements in camera and filmmaking technology, as well as industry news, reviews, and analysis. Their reviews are always honest and their opinion unbiased as they always try to convey an honest message to their readers on cameras and accessories.

6. Cinescopophilia: Filming Equipments πŸ”—

Cinescopophilia publishes a lot of useful video content about equipment, camera gear, inspirational content, what the other people in the industry are creating, and so much more. They also have very informative reviews and news to learn about the greatest camera gears and accessories to have.

7. Learn Color Grading: Must-go place to skyrocket your skills in color grading πŸ”—

LCG is a free video-based color grading and color correction resource for filmmakers. They have resources and tutorials for every level, from beginner and intermediate to advanced ones. On their blog, they publish very interesting tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced ones to learn more about color grading and understand better DaVinci Resolve.

8. Hurlbut Academy: Filmmaker Specialist πŸ”—

The Hurlbut Academy is the place where Shane Hurlbut, a renowned cinematographer with over 30 years of experience, shares his knowledge and tips. They offer many professional courses and lessons for a variety of skill levels and backgrounds in the industry. Their content is there for you to improve your skills and become a better filmmaker and cinematographer.

9. Bedtracks: Music content for postproduction πŸ”—

If you want to stay in tune with the latest in sound and video, Bedtracks is the place to go! Bedtracks curates and delivers custom music from leading music creators around the world. They give plenty of instructive, useful and helpful advice about video soundtrack and how to best choose it for your production.

10. Lights Film School: Storytelling πŸ”—

Lights Film School is the place where you can study more about how to produce projects, filmmaking, and meet some talented peers from all around the world. Lights Film School puts everything in their power for you to develop your own creative voice to become the filmmaker you want to be.

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