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Platforms You Can Find Tutorials for Video Production

Charlie Fitzgerald
Charlie Fitzgerald

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Platforms You Can Find Tutorials for Video Production

Video editors know that online tutorials are the bread and butter for learning new skills in the digital age. YouTube tutorials for video editing are the go-to for most people. There are also dedicated video production websites that offer unique video production guides for editors of all levels.

This blog post shares a list of the best video editor websites for finding online tutorials. The internet opens up a world of opportunities for directly learning cutting-edge video editing skills from industry professionals. Video production agencies and video editors sometimes share tutorials on their personal websites.

There are tutorials out there for almost every video editing trick if you know where to look. When YouTube searches fall flat, video editors can use this list of platforms to find the best video production tutorials. Creative and innovative video editors who are not afraid to try new things and learn new editing skills will go far in the video production industry.

1. Video Copilot πŸ”—

Video Copilot is a VFX tutorial website that was started by Andrew Kramer. It originally started off as an After Effects tutorials website but has since expanded to include plug-ins and additional resources for creating visual effects. Video Copilot is a great place for Adobe video editors to search for advanced visual effects tutorials.

2. Red Giant πŸ”—

Red Giant is a recognizable name in the video production industry. They make amazing plug-ins and video editing software to enhance post-production projects in programs like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and After Effects. Video editors can find hundreds of advanced and beginner tutorials on the Cineversity website to help build their video editing skillset.

3. Adobe πŸ”—

The Adobe Creative Cloud official website provides tutorials and support for creative professionals. Video editors can find high-quality tutorials for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and other Adobe video editing software on the Adobe website. Learning directly from Adobe tutorials ensures that the information is accurate and presented in a professional way that is easy to consume for beginners.

4. Motion Array πŸ”—

DaVinci Resolve is an amazing free video editor for PC that is very similar to both Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. This makes the DaVinci video editor a good starting place for beginners because the skills you learn can transfer over to most other video editing software. Motion Array features tutorials for DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro on their platform. Filmmakers of any level can find useful resources for troubleshooting and learning on the Motion Array website.

5. Noam Kroll πŸ”—

Indie filmmakers should head over to the Noam Kroll website to find the best industry tips and tricks for producing low-budget movies. This blog shares insight into everything that indie filmmakers need to know about producing an indie film from start to finish. The tutorials, blogs, and resources on Noam Kroll’s website provide an incredible resource for video editors who want to break into the industry without breaking the bank.

With good editing software and a little innovation, the sky is the limit to what video editors can achieve. No film degree is necessary to learn how to create professional quality videos, especially when there are so many great platforms to find tutorials online.

Anyone with the motivation to learn can teach themselves video editing skills using tutorials and video production handbooks. Beginner video editors can learn Blender video editing or DaVinci video editing with the free software versions.

Vagon along with empowering creatives to access high-performance computers to smoothen their workflow in video production, also generates useful guides for the video producers using After Effects, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro and so much more!

Whether you are using a free video editor for PC or the best editing software on the market, online tutorials can be a stepping stone to creating exceptional final videos. Professional video editors can upgrade the video production services that they offer clients by learning new post-production skills from these amazing video editing tutorial platforms. So whenever you feel stuck, check on one of the platforms above to find the solution you need!

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