your computer,

just better

vagon is your personal, high-performance computer on the cloud.
Start vagon instantly and run all challenging software from any device, anywhere.

Made on vagon, with high performance.

Each software has its unique requirements, and vagon is here to provide the processing power for creatives.

by Paula, Civil Engineer

created using Rhinoceros 3D.

by Tadej Blazic, 3D Artists

created using Blender.

by Antal, Mechanical Engineer

created using Creo.

Want to run graphics
software on a tiny laptop?

Get vagon to run all graphic and compute heavy software on any device, even on a Macbook Air or Chromebook. Use it as an additional resource to your existing setup when you need some extra power.

Start with a single click.

Simply create your cloud computer with desired storage and flexible performance. Start with a single click and use it like a top-notch computer.

Run challenging software.

Connect vagon from any device and use its top-tier performance. How about using 244 GB RAM and 16 GB GPU on a Macbook Air or Chromebook?

Switch performance anytime.

Think outside the box now! vagon has flexible performance. Need to do usual stuff? Well, Planet seems enough. Time to step up for more? Then switch to Galaxy and run it!

Use it anywhere.

Don’t bother carrying a high performance computer around. You can access vagon anywhere, anytime. You just need a computer and a connection, that’s all!

Is vagon secure?

Every vagon computer is an isolated virtual machine which no other user has access to. Your connection to your workstation is always encrypted. We continually monitor our infrastructure for possible security vulnerabilities and keep your system up to date.

We take privacy seriously and have numerous measures against unauthorized access to your computer. You will always be notified when there is an update to our infrastructure.