Invite your friends,


Invite your friends and colleagues to Vagon.
Give your friends $5 Vagon credits and earn up to $15 for each!

You're a pioneer on the future of work!

It's time to spread the word of Vagon to your friends, colleagues and communities.

Invite Friends

Share your unique invite link with your friends and the communities you are working.

Get Rewards

When they create a Vagon computer, you will both get rewards, and directly use them in Vagon.

Earn More

As they continue using Vagon, you'll get further rewards according to their usages.

How does Vagon Referral Program work?

Each Vagon User now has a unique invite link. When someone creates a new Vagon computer plan through your link, you’ll both get rewarded. Plus, you’ll get further rewards when they continue to use Vagon, so it’s best to invite people who’ll benefit from Vagon.

How can I get & share my invite link?

You can find your unique invite link on your Vagon account Settings page. You can share it in any community, or directly send it to your friends. If you’d like to invite your friends via email or social media, there are also ready templates to make things easier.

What is the reward?

Your friends will get a $5 reward each when they sign up and create a computer plan through your link. You’ll also get a $5 reward for each! In addition to that, when someone you invited spends $25 or more on Vagon (excluding rewards), you will also get another $10.

What are the rules?

You can check your rewards anytime through our Referral Dashboard. The reward limit is $50 in a month and $100 in total. In case of abusive behavior, a user’s all earned and referred rewards can be nullified. Vagon team has the right to modify the campaign details or end it anytime entirely.