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Essential Apps for Video Editing Professionals



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Essential Apps for Video Editing Professionals

For any video editor and producer, selecting the best video editing app can be laborious. You might be great at making videos for Youtube, your websites, vlogs, or any other social media, but if you do not have the right tools to edit them, the video will probably be very unappealing.

However, most of the top-performing video editing apps are generally expensive and require a high-performing computer. In case you do not have a graphics-heavy system and are struggling to find video editing software that can work with your PC, we have got just the right guide for you. After extensive research, we have compiled a list of the ten best video editing apps which work very well, even on a computer with minimum technical specifications. Check out our list below.

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1. VSDC πŸ”—

The first one on our list is a video production app developed by Microsoft. It is one of the best products that Microsoft has made in recent years and is especially useful if you are looking to upload videos on Youtube. Most importantly, it is a non-linear software, meaning you can combine large video files and photos in multiple sequences for remarkable frameworks.

Non-linear editing techniques make VSDC a unique software along with its great features, including Picture-In-Picture, Side By Side and Split Screen videos, Text Effect in videos, Chroma Key, and double exposure.

2. Shotcut πŸ”—

Shotcut is widely considered to be one of the best video editing apps and is quite popular. What is unique about Shotcut is that it is pretty straightforward to use, and perhaps one of the reasons why a vast majority of people use it. Moreover, Shotcut is free, open-source software. It is a multi-platform tool, which can be used on Microsoft, Linux, and Mac OS.

Some of its popular features include easy-to-trim and cut-copy-paste operations. It consists of a Multitrack Timeline with Thumbnails and Waveforms. Even though Shotcut is a free tool, it is very well-rounded with numerous features. It gives you the comfort to personalize the interface to suit your needs.

3. Wondershare Filmora 9 πŸ”—

Filmora is one of the most constructive video maker apps and can be a good option for creating videos for business and commercial use. If you are a beginner without much experience in creating innovative videos, then Filmora can be a suitable option for you. It has a simple user interface and contains beautiful templates and one-click tools that help you make a professional-looking video.

Filmora has a trial version that can be used before making the final purchasing decision. Gamers and action camera enthusiasts widely use it as it offers tools explicitly dedicated for them, such as screen recorder, lens correction, automatic scene detection, advanced colour correction, and instant cutter tool.

4. Lightworks πŸ”—

A high-performing video editing software for Windows, Lightworks is preferred by novices and experts alike. Lightworks, unlike other video maker apps, does not require an advanced computer to function. It is easy to use, contains exceptional editing tools, and it is compatible with several video formats, and has a high satisfaction rate amongst its users.

Lightworks is the go-to video editing tool for film industry professionals and social media users. They benefit from a dedicated web export function. Lightworks is packed with sophisticated features, including in-built presets, multi-cam editing, real-time collaboration, and a highly customizable interface.

If you are an experienced film-maker and need video editing software that caters to your requirements of editing movies and complex videos, Cyberlink PowerDirector may be one of the suitable video editing apps for you. It comes power-packed with a 100 track timeline with plenty of stabilization and video correction tools.

The tool can be difficult for newbies, but experienced filmmakers can take advantage of its remarkable features, such as multi-cam editing mode and motion tracking. It also makes video trimming surprisingly easy. Moreover, it offers comprehensive video editing features and supports all the file types and formats.

6. Hitfilm Express πŸ”—

Hitfilm Express is a good option for professionals whose computer system is not optimal enough to handle advanced video editing software processing requirements. It includes all the editing attributes required to make professional videos. Hitfilm allows you to easily trim and split footage, edit audio, and access sophisticated features, including 3D Video Support and Chroma Key, and comes with an in-built store, allowing you to purchase more add-ons.

Hitfilm Express is generally hard to learn compared to other video editing apps. But there are several tutorials uploaded on Youtube and elsewhere to help you make professional videos using Hitfilm Express.

7. OpenShot πŸ”—

An open-source video editing software, OpenShot is a highly convenient video editing app, and even though it has a simple user interface, preferred by novices and experts alike, OpenShot is not short on features. It is a cross-platform video maker app, which can be used on Microsoft, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

The best thing about OpenShot is that you do not need a high performing computer to use it, and it can be used online. It contains great features, intuitive tools, and can help you make your videos look stunning by adding animations, 3D titles, audio tracks, and several other video enhancing tools.

8. Camtasia πŸ”—

If you are looking to make tutorials, how-to videos, and technical training tutorials, Camtasia can be one of the best video maker apps for you. It comes with a 30 days trial period and contains all the necessary features to make professional videos effortlessly.

It is straightforward to create informative videos on Camtasia, and unlike many other video editing software, it does not require a computer with high specifications. Prominent features include a powerful screen recorder and its built-in video editor, which can edit any recorded footage and allow you to add existing clips to the timeline for editing.

9. Movavi Video Editor πŸ”—

A low-cost video editing software, Movavi Video Editor, is one of the easy to use video editing apps for PC with straightforward UI and video editing tools. Applying filters, effects, transitions, and titles is remarkably easy in Movavi. It is relatively less expensive than other software on the list and is supported by Windows and Mac operating platforms.

One of the best things about Movavi is that it can quickly transform raw footage or a clip into a flawless, professional-looking video. Movavi is an excellent tool with a complete set of primary and sophisticated video editing features, including Pan and Zoom, Chroma Key, Highlight and Conceal, and Stabilization.

10. Vagon πŸ”—

For professional video editors, having a sub-par laptop or a desktop computer is an incredibly limiting factor. But Vagon completely changes that. If your computer is genuinely limiting you from unleashing your creative video editing capabilities, Vagon is the best video editing app and we highly recommend using Vagon for editing your videos.

Vagon saves you the trouble of investing in a graphics-heavy, expensive computer to create videos and instead offers a better and more efficient alternative. It is an excellent solution that offers a cloud platform to create and edit stunning graphics-heavy videos seamlessly.

Vagon has changed the stereotypical ways to make creative videos by offering a supercomputer to make and edit videos online. Produce long or short videos, and create comprehensive VFXs without any lags. You don’t even need to buy additional graphic cards, fast processors, and extensive memory space.

Choosing The Right Video Making and Editing Software

Choosing the right video making and editing software can be exhaustive. Accordingly, we have created this list to help you choose from amongst the best video editing apps. Before investing in video production software, you need to consider plenty of things, including your professional needs, the kind of content you want to produce, your experience in using video editing software, and more. But if you have system constraints that seriously limit you from making and editing the best video, we highly recommend using Vagon.

It does not require any download; it can be used online through a cloud platform and offers you the capabilities to create videos on a supercomputer without investing in one. To know more about the pricing, features, and detailed description, meet Vagon and get started on creating your professional videos effortlessly.

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