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Go Beyond the Limits of Realtime 3D Streaming with Vagon Streams: The Ultimate Furioos Alternative

Berk Boz
Berk Boz

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Go Beyond the Limits of Realtime 3D Streaming with Vagon Streams: The Ultimate Furioos Alternative

In the ever-changing landscape of digital technology, the shutdown of Unity Furioos on October 4th, 2023 marks a significant shift for professionals relying on real-time 3D streaming. However, with every end comes a new beginning. Our newest product Vagon Streams, a cutting-edge alternative designed to not only fill the gap left by Furioos but to improve the streaming experience. Vagon Streams is not just a streaming tool; it’s an enhanced solution for a wide array of streaming needs, from architectural visualizations to Unity & UE experience hosting.

The Need for an Ultimate Alternative

Unity Furioos was once one of the tools using cloud-streaming technology, offering users a unique platform to broadcast their 3D applications. Its closure has left many designers and developers searching for a service that can offer equal or enhanced functionality. Vagon Streams is featured as the best-in-class alternative, equipped with advanced features and a no-code setup, ensuring that your transition is seamless and your streaming is uninterrupted.

Why Vagon Streams Stands Out: Deep Dive to Our Features

Easy-to-Use with No-Code Setup and Advanced Integration

Vagon Streams is designed to serve both beginners and tech experts alike. With no-code setup through the Streams Dashboard, you can upload and stream your applications effortlessly. For those seeking a more hands-on approach, the Streams API provides a powerful set of tools for custom workflows, allowing for deep integration and tailored streaming experiences.

Unmatched Performance and Scalability

Vagon Streams offers a powerful selection of performance options, ensuring that every application runs smoothly and efficiently. Our Graphics Accelerated Performances, featuring NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs and Intel processors, are perfect for a range of demands and come in starter and pro versions to match your specific needs.

For those seeking the latest in technology, our Latest Generation Performances boast NVIDIA A10G GPUs and AMD processors, delivering top-tier power and speed. Whether you choose the starter or pro option, you’re equipped with the cutting-edge hardware necessary for a seamless, high-quality streaming experience.

With Vagon Streams, you have access to a variety of configurations, each designed to provide the optimal balance of performance and efficiency. No matter where you or your audience are, our extensive regional coverage ensures a low-latency experience, making geographical distances virtually irrelevant. Select the best fit for your project and unlock the full potential of your real-time 3D applications with ease.

Diverse Use Cases and Applications

Vagon Streams offers a wide use cases of streaming solutions for any industry or need. Whether you’re hosting virtual events, showcasing real estate, offering 3D application access, offering product configurators, facilitating remote education, or streaming games, Vagon Streams provides a seamless, high-quality experience. Our versatile platform supports various use cases, ensuring that whether your audience is engaging with virtual worlds, interactive products, or educational content, they’re getting a top-tier native streaming experience on any device. Simply put, Vagon Streams is your universal solution for all real-time 3D streaming needs.

Getting Started with Vagon Streams

Starting and scaling with Vagon Streams is straightforward and efficient. In just a few clicks, you can begin streaming your Unity app with our no-code setup, selecting the perfect performance options to suit your needs. With transparent pricing and a clear path to getting started, you’re always in control. If any questions or needs arise during setup or streaming, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you at any moment. Ready to see Vagon Streams in action or plan your onboarding session? Visit our demo page and take the first step toward effortless, high-quality streaming today.

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