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How to Make My PC Faster: 7 Simple Tips to Try



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How to Make My PC Faster: 7 Simple Tips to Try

It’s crunch time. You’re working remotely, and — like clockwork — your laptop or machine starts to get real loud. The fan kicks into high gear, your keyboard is hot, and, let’s be real, nothing is loading.

Sound familiar? Yeah, we thought so. It’s a common scenario for designers, architects, video producers, engineers, and professionals across the planet. And it’s probably got you googling topics like, “how to make my PC faster.”

Keep reading to discover seven easy, tried-and-true ways to make your PC faster.

1. Check Your Power Settings

Don’t panic. Instead, check to see how your computer is using power.

Typically, this information is listed in the settings under “Power Options.”

Is your machine running on balanced settings? Or maximum performance settings? Depending on your presets, you’ll probably be able to reconfigure your PC to work double-time but be sure to stay connected to a power source. Max performance typically reduces battery charge at a much quicker rate.

2. Manage What’s Running at Start-Up

Did you know your PC could be running a large number of hidden programs from the moment you hit the power button? Many of these programs might continue to run in the background while you work. This can slow your PC way down.

To speed things up, hit the classic CTRL + ALT + DELETE command, navigate to the “Task Manager,” end the programs that don’t need to be running all the time, and disable auto-run at startup for the programs that don’t need to power up at the same time as your computer.

3. Scan for Viruses and Malware

Whether you’re an IT security genius or don’t even know what malware is, everyone should be routinely checking for viruses that could be slowing you down and — even worse — damaging your machine.

To guard against this sort of software, be sure to check your built-in Windows Defender Security Center and consider investing in a highly-rated anti-virus platform.

4. Free Up Disk Space

Head to the Start menu in the lower-left corner of your screen, search for Disk Cleanup, and let this handy tool identify unnecessary files that could be slowing down your PC.

Delete what you can part with and free up space to get your machine moving quickly again.

5. Check for Updates

Sometimes, your PC could be slow simply because the operating system is out of date. Check for updates consistently and apply them when available.

6. Increase RAM

Where possible, it’s always worth it to increase the RAM on your machine. It’s affordable, easy to do, and nearly always helps to increase the speed of your PC.

7. Consider Using an SSD

An SSD, or “Solid State Drive,” is a data storage component that allows most computer programs to work faster than if they were stored on a typical spinning HDD (“Hard Disk Drive”). To make the upgrade to an SSD, you have two main options: external or internal.

If you go with an external SSD, the setup is quick: Just plug the SSD into your machine via a Thunderbolt 3 cable. If you go internal, setup time will take a little longer, as you’ll have to physically open your machine and install your new SSD — but performance will improve all the same!

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