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Best Blender Tutorials in 2020



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Best Blender Tutorials in 2020

Are you searching for Blender tutorials to skyrocket your skills? Check our selection of the most up to date channels on YouTube.

If you are new in Blender or you want to improve your skills as a Blender professional, you are at the right place. As many of us know, Blender is open-source, it allows us many 3D functions such as rendering, modeling, simulation, composing, animation and tracking motions, and also video editing. Therefore, mastering Blender is not easy. To crown it all, Blender 2.8 was released with important improvements and some changes are confusing for the beginners but, there is no doubt to hesitate because plenty of resources are available on YouTube and other communities that we can find answers to our questions. As vagon team, we’ve checked the wide range of free Blender tutorials on YouTube. Don’t jump off your next blooming project before reading our article!

CG Geek 🔗

CG Geek shares a wide range of tutorials from the beginner level to the upper levels on his up-to-date Youtube channel. He has 409k subscribers and 231 videos recently. Thanks to step by step expression of even complex functions, you can easily follow without any confusion. His videos are too detailed and providing fundamental information about lighting, composing, bloom, scattering and textures. If you are a fan of Star Wars, you will love his Star Wars 3D tutorial series, like us!

Blender Guru 🔗

Coming across Blender Guru in our top ten list is not a surprise, definitely because many of us learned Blender essence from his tutorials. He has reached 1.25 million followers with 228 videos for a decade. Within being released Blender 2.8, he explains the newest features also he shows what has changed from the previous version so if you are an older version user, he creates the videos for each level of Blender users. His fun expression and high-quality tutorials will make you a guru on Blender.

Grant Abbitt 🔗

If you are interested in game art and don’t know where to start game design on Blender, Grant shares tailored made tutorials for beginners. He is a talented 3D artist who designs 3D graphics and animations. He shares his experiences with 182k subscribers through an excessive number of videos which are 646 recently. You can learn the fundamentals of Blender with his detailed video series. Also if you want to improve your skills on the newest Blender 2.8 version, he shares several tutorials even for complete beginners. There is also good news, you can join his live streams every Friday to get updated on different topics and chat with him and other creatives worldwide.

CG Cookie is one of the most productive Youtube channels with 792 videos in our top ten list, they have 246k subscribers. The funny team provides a great number of short videos which long 2-3 minutes, live streams and the course trailers. They show all fundamental features that help you build first tiny objects, the sculpting of different elements, animation and ringing. You will have a general overview and useful basics to go up the next levels after their tutorials. New videos are coming every week, don’t miss to check their channel!

Ducky 3D 🔗

Nathan Duck describes himself as a graphic designer and amateur 3D artist and uploads tutorials for beginners on his channel “Ducky 3D”. If you want to learn abstract rendering and methods to make things virtually intriguing, he has shared 200 videos in his growing channel with 120k subscribers and he continues to add new ones regularly. Also, you can create your own style text, just follow his video series about it! His format is quite simple to follow and generally he shares them in Blender 2.8 version so you don’t need to hesitate in understanding how to handle different versions.

Yansculpts 🔗

As you can guess from the channel name, Yan focuses on sculpting which is one of the most aesthetic and creative features of Blender on his channel which has 282k subscribers. During two years he has shared 71 videos that he gives place to tips, time-lapse and art focused content. If you want to create your own characters, escalate your skills while learning, this channel is the best for you!

Gleb Alexandrov 🔗

Gleb is a passionate 3D artist who shares high-quality Blender tutorials with Aidy Burrows on his YouTube channel. Currently, he has 153k subscribers with 90 high quality videos. He shares many tips and tricks especially for modeling and lighting. Also, he uploads videos about version 2.8 and EEVEE. If you are a beginner and confront many problems, you probably don’t know how to deal with it. No doubt because he is sharing video series about troubleshooting of 50 modeling issues commonly existing on Blender. Ready to jump off hassle-free projects!

Curtis Holt 🔗

Curtis started sharing his Blender story with a focus on building science-fiction corridors on YouTube. In a short time, he reached to 57.1k subscribers thanks to 78 videos. His tutorials include add-on demonstrations, lighting and style design, time-lapses and environment design. You can find cool tips and tricks from his high-quality videos to apply to your projects easily. On the bright side of his tutorials is also having scripted dialogues so you can easily translate your language and you can save your time.

Martin Klekner 🔗

If you want to create your short film on Blender and you are searching for a good source, Martin shares his documented workflow on his growing YouTube channel with 16.3k subscribers. He uploads videos about how to create the assets in Blender substance painter, 3D animated short movies, tutorials which are based on his current project, ancient Greece. His 53 good quality videos are worth watching before creating your own magic.

CG Boost 🔗

Zach Reinhardt who is CG Boost’s host provides a remarkable number of comprehensible tutorials which are 119 now, for Blender beginners which allow you to follow up all essentials, tips and build your projects with the small steps. Also he has 113k subscribers currently. If you’re more than a novice, there are several videos about Blender 2.8 waiting for you. Take your seat and let your Blender journey begin!

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