February 14, 2023

February 14, 2023

February 14, 2023

Top Blender Courses You Must Check

Top Blender Courses You Must Check

Top Blender Courses You Must Check




No one was born a Blender master, right? Regardless of if you’re a newbie or a professional, there is always a way to improve your blender skills.

You’re just starting? Wonderful, because this will boost your Blender learning curve straight away.

You’re a professional? Perfect, there is always a way to dive deeper into the powerful 3D creation software. Blender is used by professionals and beginners alike.

Blender is an open-source and free-to-use software that has become popular due to its versatility, flexibility, and ease of use. If you are interested in learning Blender or improving your current workflow and your skills, taking a course can help you learn faster and more effectively. In this article, we did all the research already and will introduce you to the top Blender courses you should check out.

Blender is a complex software with a wide range of features and plugins. While you can certainly playfully learn Blender through trial and error, taking a course speeds up your journey toward destination Blender-mastery. You can save time and explore the software faster with the help of people who once started exactly where you are right now regardless of whether you are a beginner or an old hand in business.

Courses provide structured learning, guided by experienced instructors who can take you through the creational workflow process and answer your questions in one go. On top of that, you can interact with other students, use their publicly available project templates, learn from their experiences, and get feedback on your work. That is the great thing about Blender - everybody offers their insights in forums, chats, and courses thanks to the open-source platform.

1. Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners🔗

This Udemy course is one of the best courses for Blender, especially if you are a complete beginner. The course is quite easy to follow and gives a brief overview about all of the most basic features of Blender.

Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed because of the details and many repetitions of the same concepts but trust me once you finish this course you will feel fluent and confident enough to start your own Blender journey!

2. Blender for Complete and Total Beginners🔗

One of the main advantages of this course is that it’s relatively shorter than most of the other Blender courses. However, you don’t need to worry, once you finish this course you will be able to start some of your own projects right away.

Also, another advantage is the instructor assumes no prior knowledge of Blender which makes the course quite easy to follow. However, remember to apply the step-by-step project given by the instructor by yourself as well. As you know practice makes it perfect!

3. Blender Environment Artist: Create 3D Worlds 🔗

I suggest this course especially for the artists who are mostly interested in environment designing. The course starts off with the basics without the requirement of previous experience.

At the end of the course, you will have no questions on your mind about modelling, texturing, lighting, layout and many other aspects of environment designing. However, keep in mind that this is a course for Blender version 2.8.

4. Blender 3D from zero to hero 🔗

This course is a great introduction to Blender for beginners. Also, with the help of the mini-projects given by the instructor you will have a chance to practice your skills on your path of learning.

The course includes 26.5 hours of lessons, however, it is actually shorter as the instructor updated the course for Blender 2.8, if you are not interested in version 2.79 you can basically focus on the last half of the course.

5. Become a Material Guru in Blender 🔗

This course is specialized with material designing. It is a lengthy instruction but it will guide you from the very beginning with the various techniques given by the instructor.

As there are many different techniques in designing materials, the instructor shows a lot of options which may seem confusing at first, but as you continue the course pieces start to fit together, so try not to rush things up! At the end of the course you will be like a professional with material designing and texturing in Blender.

6. The 2021 Blender Primer: 3D Modeling, Animation & Rendering 🔗

This course is the new English version of Udemy’s most successful Blender 3D Course in Spanish, and it can be seen that it is already quite successful in the English version as well. One of the advantages is that this course works with both 2.8x and 2.9x versions of the Blender.

This attention grabbing course will lead you through beginner stages to advanced ones by going in a lot of depth by covering all of the tools and functions you are likely to need for your 3D works.

7. 3D Modeling in Blender 2.9 🔗

If you are looking for a more fun course I think this one is the right fit for you! By modeling acoustic guitars step-by-step with the guidance of the instructor you will learn how to deal with hard surface modeling challenges.

Also, this course provides a Q&A section beneath every lecture to help you with your progress. If you want to improve your Blender skills and have a little interest in guitars I suggest you to go and check this course out.

8. Learn Blender The Right Way! 🔗

The instructor explains and details almost all of the Blender functions and short-cuts among the course while giving fundamental tips and very interesting examples.

Thankfully, the instructor keeps it easy to understand even for the complete beginners at the same time so there is no need to worry!

9. The Blender 2.8 Encyclopedia 🔗

This is one of the most detailed and well-designed beginner courses about Blender. It is relatively a longer course and includes many downloadable resources to help you gain insight into Blender.

Also, as it is a comprehensive course you can check it out even if you are not a beginner, with intermediate and advanced concepts as well.

10. Learn 3D Animation – The Ultimate NEW BLENDER 2.8 Course A-Z 🔗

The most advantageous part about this course is that it is completely designed for Blender 2.8 which makes it easier to keep up with if you are still using the version 2.8.

Still, this course is totally suitable for complete beginners. If you are one of them you will be quite satisfied from creating your first character, texturing, rigging, animating and adding sound!

11. Creating 3D Environments in Blender 🔗

This Udemy course is the most complete Blender course you will find in 2023. In 58 hours of video material, instructed by Rob Tuytel, you will get an introduction to the most basic tools in Blender.

This first gives you an insight into the software and then teaches you the essentials to build your 3D models. With clear and concise explanations of each topic, you will create your little pirate raft animation. Students will learn about 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, and more! Learning by doing is the theme of this course. You’ll be offered a great way into the Blender universe making it super easy to create your scenes in no time.

12. Complete Blender Megacourse: Beginner to Expert 🔗

This course, also available on Udemy, is the perfect follow-up to the previously mentioned course. After you get a taste of the software, this course offers you a deep dive into 3D animation, rendering, character design, usage of textures, lighting, and much more!

With incredible 130 hours of video material and more than 25.000 happy students, you can be dead sure to know the Blender game after finishing the course.

13. Learn Blender 3D: Become a 3D Illustrator by mastering Blender 🔗

This course is a little bit more specific, focusing mainly on 3D Illustration and not so much on animated scenes. Taught by Arash Ahadzadeh, you’ll be looking at 44 full-packed lessons that offer ambitious designers great insights.

At the very least, you should be familiar with the Blender interface to be able to follow the course. Students will learn how to create photo-realistic scenes and will have the opportunity to work on two final projects of their design for their portfolio so you have something to impress your future clients with straight away!

14. Creating and Utilizing Asset Libraries with Blender 🔗

To be found on CG Cookie, this course targets the management of one of the latest Blender tools. Great for experienced creators to improve their workflow as well as for beginners that want access to highly functional management tools.

The course is taught by CG artist and instructor Kent Trammell, who covers topics such as organization, navigation, and utilization of materials, characters, node trees, and poses. Short: here you learn how to use certain settings and objects in multiple scenes, making it easier than ever before to manage your animation pipelines.

15. Architectural Design tools in Blender - 3D Design 🔗

With Thomas MacDonald, a software developer and designer, architects, interior designers, and engineers get the chance to bring their visualizations to the next level.

To create real-world lighting, you’ll learn the creative and technical skills to get your designs from 2D into 3D. On top of that, you’ll learn the most essential render skills including material assets, library management, and layout.

16. Combat Knife 3D Game Asset in Blender and Substance Painter 🔗

This course teaches students how to create a realistic 3D game asset of a combat knife using Blender and Substance Painter, covering topics such as modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, and rendering. The course is instructed by Chris Plush, available on Udemy.

It takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and you will have created a complete game asset with the ability to apply your newly gained knowledge to future projects. The best thing about this? The course is completely free!

17. Blender 3.0 Vintage Car Creation 🔗

The “Blender 3.0 Vintage Car Creation” course on LinkedIn Learning teaches students interested in more specific 3D creations how to work from the first idea to the last finish.

You will learn how to model, texture, and render a vintage car in Blender 3.0, introducing topology, materials, and lighting. The course is instructed by Darrin Lile and with 19 hours of video material you will be guided through the whole process. It’s learning by doing, so be ready to invest more time in self-study.

Equipped with in-depth knowledge, this is an excellent choice for anyone interested in 3D modeling, particularly in the field of automotive design.

It doesn’t matter if your main interest is learning Blender or improving your skills, taking a course can be a great way to achieve your goals. The courses listed above are some of the best Blender courses available in 2023, and they cover a wide range of topics and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, there is a course that helps you take your skills to the next level. So why not enroll in a course today and start your journey to becoming a Blender master?

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