May 18, 2020

May 18, 2020

May 18, 2020

Best Blender Tutorials

Best Blender Tutorials

Best Blender Tutorials




If you’re looking for a place to deep dive into Blender Tutorials, you’re in the right place. In the past we wrote about our favorites from 2020, but here we hoped to give a bit of an updated list with some of the latest Blender tutorials to check out on YouTube.

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Arguably the largest appeal to Blender is the value - great quality 3D rendering as an free and open source software. Used by animation artists, product designers, and game designers, and a variety of other creatives, Blender also has a strong community of artists and programmers behind it, constantly improving the software.

Blender 🔗

If you haven’t already, one channel you will definitely want to subscribe to is the Blender YouTube channel. While there are a few tutorials and training videos you can check out, the most important aspect from here are the news and updates regarding the software. This is a great place to keep up to date on this info.

Blender Guru 🔗

Blender Guru is, well, a guru of Blender, and you’ll definitely want to check out his videos at some point in the future! Spanning over a decade of content production, this channel has obtained over 1.9M subscribers and 137M views. There are of course a great selection of tutorial videos explaining the basics of Blender, but you can also find more intricate videos that walk you through specific creations, Blender applications in archviz, lighting courses, and even interviews.

Ryan King Art 🔗

Topping out at over 23K subscribers, Ryan King Art is a tutorial channel lesser well known than others, but still has a great variety and depth of knowledge base to learn from. You can find the full walkthrough of Blender in his Blender Tutorials playlist, but there is also a huge number of specific examples to practice with. If you are looking for a channel with specific applications of Blender to try out with and experiment, be sure to check his content out.

Grant Abbitt 🔗

If you are interested in game art and don’t know where to start game design on Blender, Grant shares tailored made tutorials for beginners. He is a talented 3D artist who designs 3D graphics and animations. He shares his experiences with 339K+ subscribers in over 55 playlists of video content. On his channel, you’ll be able to cover everything from the basics in Blender, to more detailed examples.

CG Geek 🔗

With over 870K subscribers and 77M views, CG Geek shares a wide range of tutorials from the beginner level to the upper levels on his regularly updated Youtube channel. Utilizing step-by-step walkthroughs of even complex functions, you can easily follow without any confusion. His videos are extremely detailed and provide fundamental information about lighting, composing, bloom, scattering and textures.

CG Cookie 🔗

CG Cookie is comprised of a fun and small team, providing a great number of short videos which last 2-3 minutes on average, live streams, and other course trailers. They show all fundamental features that help you build first tiny objects, the sculpting of different elements, animation and ringing. You will have a general overview and useful basics to go up the next levels after their tutorials. New videos are coming every week, don’t miss to check their channel!

Ducky 3D 🔗

Nathan Duck describes himself as a graphic designer and amateur 3D artist and uploads tutorials for beginners on his channel “Ducky 3D”. If you want to learn abstract rendering and methods to make things virtually intriguing, he has shared hundreds of videos in his growing channel. It’s a bit less organized in playlists than previous suggestions, but nonetheless contains really great video content, including basic Blender concepts through to more intermediate and advanced applications.

Gleb Alexandrov 🔗

Gleb is a passionate 3D artist who shares high-quality Blender tutorials with Aidy Burrows on his YouTube channel. Currently, with over 183K subscribers and dozens of high quality videos. He shares plenty of Blender tips and tricks, especially for modeling and lighting. If you are a beginner and confront a lof challenges, not to worry as he has a video series about troubleshooting the 50 most prominent modeling issues existing on Blender.

CG Boost 🔗

CG Boost is hosted by Zach Reinhardt, providing a huge number of comprehensible tutorials for Blender beginners which allows you to follow up with all of the essentials and tips, and build your projects with the small steps. If you’re more than a novice, there are several videos with the latest Blender version waiting for you. Additionally, here you can find exciting interviews with influencers in the Blender community.

Curtis Holt 🔗

Curtis started sharing his Blender story with a focus on building science-fiction corridors on YouTube. In a short time, he reached over 100K subscribers. His tutorials include add-on demonstrations, lighting and style design, time-lapses and environment design. You can find cool tips and tricks from his high-quality videos to apply to your projects easily. On the bright side of his tutorials is also having scripted dialogues so you can easily translate your language and you can save your time.

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