April 21, 2021

April 21, 2021

April 21, 2021

Top Architectural Studios for Archviz

Top Architectural Studios for Archviz

Top Architectural Studios for Archviz




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Archviz is the creation of architectural visualization through 3D rendering, illustration, and other mediums as a means of bringing an intended architectural design to life in a 2D form. This process has dated back to the beginning of architecture and engineering as simple drawings in ancient civilizations, but today now exists as a very unique and established style of 3D art.

Image byMinh Phạm from Pixabay

At its core, archviz allows architects, interior designers, and urban planners to showcase their projects to clients in a manner that displays the ins and outs of the design, highlights interesting features, and sells the competency of the design quality.

This process for establishing the 3D rendered visualizations can be quite intricate and displays a whole range of different projects to showcase.

If you are interested in learning more about the process for creating archviz, check out the article The Best Architectural Visualization Studios What They Do and How They Do It by Easy Render to learn more about the software, the process in practice, common services, and application in architectural studios.

If you are looking for resources, tools, and software suggestions to get started in the archviz industry, be sure to check out our collection of articles specific to architects on our blog! From suggested tutorials and faster rendering tips, to recommended publications to follow, this is definitely a good place to start.

While seeking inspiration for creation in this field, there is no shortage of great archviz studios to explore. As requested by creators in our community, here are the top Vagon picks for archviz studios in 2021.

MR.P Studios 🔗

Specializing in both interior and exterior archviz, Melbourne-based MR.P Studios is definitely one of the suggestions worth checking out. Found and led by the architect Phil Horton, MR.P Studios has a variety of clients both international and domestic.

Illuminating both tranquil and soft tones into their ultra modern designs, the creations here fall no short of incredible. Whether it’s a penthouse apartment, luxury restaurant, or coastal villa, the detail in each render is striking. In addition to the collection of architectural renderings, they also host a few non-archviz projects from time to time as well.

Illusive Images 🔗

Focused primarily on the visualization of interior design, Illusive Images is a 3D visualization studio founded by Daniel Reutersvärd and Johannes Lindqvist, based out of Stockholm. As a focus for their studio, Illusive Images is centered around creating interior visualizations with intricate detail that illuminate emotion. If you are specifically interested in archviz for interior design, you’ll definitely want to check out their projects for inspiration!

Recent Spaces 🔗

Described as an industry-leading architectural and design 3D rendering studio, London-basd Recent Spaces was founded in 2016 by Alex York and Iain Banks with a simple mission of creating beautiful, detailed, and effective design visualizations. Operating as a team of 8 people, Recent Spaces creates beautiful and elaborate designs for some of the industry’s most top tier architectural projects, such as Rose Hill and 212 West 72nd Street in New York.

If the work wasn’t enough to speak for itself, their various publications and awards provide a bit more authority in the industry. Despite being around for only 5 years, there is good reason to believe Recent Spaces lives up to the description of “industry-leading” in the archviz field.

Luxigon 🔗

With over 20 years of experience in the architectural industry, producing thousands of media pieces in the form of movies, VR, images, and real time 3D, Luxigon is an expert studio in the archviz field. Based out of Paris, Luxigon also has offices in both Milan and Los Angeles, and specialize in architects involved in design competitions.

In addition to big-name and global architectural projects such as The Ronaldo O. Perelman Performing Arts Center in New York, the CMG Qianhai Global Trade Center in Shenzhen, and the 11th Street Bridge Park in Washington, D.C., Luxigon also has a wide range of experience in commercial visual renderings as well. This studio is one to follow for some of the bigger architectural projects out there!

The Boundary 🔗

With a defined expertise in the field of architectural visualization, The Boundary has created over a hundred major projects with some of the most globally renowned architects and designers such as Richard Rogers, Pritzker Architecture Prize laureates, and Álvaro Siza to name a few. Based out of New York and London, The Boundary was founded by Peter Guthrie and Henry Goss in 2014, and continues to this day to push the limits of archviz creation in the industry.

Utilizing a broad range of specializations in 3D rendering, The Boundary has produced a plethora of visualizations for designs in residential, cultural, public space, hotels, and private homes in countries all over the world. In addition to the still frame visualizations they deliver, they also have quite a number of dynamic, moving archviz pieces too.

Suburbia 🔗

Founded by Julian and Andrew Sadokha, Suburbia is a 3D visualization agency specialized in archviz for real-estate architecture. In a variety of different sectors such as exterior and interior design, modeling, and animation, Suburbia is focused on bringing design to life in an ultra real and mesmerizing manner. With a concept idea for visual display of offices, public space, residential, and commercial projects, Suburbia converts client ideas into photo-realistic 3D visualization meant to sell. In addition to their work in the archviz field, this agency also provides services in the animation and film industries as well.

Gabriel Saunders 🔗

Creating stunning visualizations of architectural rendering with both intricacy and calming tones incorporated, Gabriel Saunders Studio specializes in 3D visualization and imagery for bringing architectural style to life. Founded in 2010 by Gabriel and Veronica Saunders and based in Melbourne, their studio delivers visualization solutions for architecture and interior design as well as product brands all over the world. Utilizing a team of stylists, photographers, interior designers, visualizers, architects, and post production artists, there is no wonder their creations incorporate so much visual detail for every project they’re involved in.

Brick Visual 🔗

Self-described as a studio that communicates architecture, Brick Visual is specialized in high-end architectural visualization for clients on a global scale. Based in Hungary and Romania, their team consists of professionals from over 19 countries and is grounded in the process of visual storytelling of designs beyond paper, into captivating and intriguing visual imagery. Inspired by the foundations of classic art and cinematography and powered by high-tech solutions, Brick Visual seeks to go beyond just the typical depiction of shiny buildings to architectural visualization that incorporates past works with the design of the future. With notable clients such as Zaha Hadid Architects, AECOM, and MVRDV, to name a few, this is one archviz studio that is a must follow.


As a creative communications agency, DBOX is known for developing innovative and strategic marketing campaigns for architectural sectors in luxury residential, commercial, and cultural properties. With offices in the US, Europe, and Asia, DBOX has a speciality in international markets, and in particular for this field, architectural visualization for their clients.

Working with some notable projects like 108 Leonard, 25 Park Row, and 432 Park Avenue in New York, and a series of awards dating back to 2004, DBOX is one archviz studio you will definitely want to follow.

Hayes Davidson 🔗

As a pioneer in the archviz field, London-based Hayes Davidson was founded by Alan Davidson all the way back in 1989. With over 30 employees from a variety of backgrounds, this studio brings client projects to life in stunning visualizations with illuminating scenery and thorough design. With a focus on projects ranging from residential, office spaces, and luxury projects, and public spaces, there is no shortage of variety in the architectural visualizations they create.

Mir 🔗

Founded by Trond Greve Andersen & Mats Andersen, Mir is a norweigan studio centered around bringing original quality artwork to architectural projects around the world. With this focus for the studio existing for over 20 years, Mir has brought remarkable architectural visualizations on a global scale. The extreme attention to detail, thorough implementation of design, and extraordinary realizations of imagery can be seen in projects such as the Shenzhen Opera House, Sydney Barangaroo Pavillion, and Copenhagen Islands park, to name a few.

Third Aesthetic 🔗

Sydney-based Third Aesthetic is an archviz studio specialized in still imagery, video, and animation for real estate visualization local to Australia and around the globe. Working as a team of just 8 people, Third Aesthetic has created numerous visualizations for luxury residences, interior designs, and public spaces. Each creation has its own unique charm and intrigue and incorporates style with bold forms and calming tones. If you are looking for archviz primarily operating in residential projects, this is one studio definitely worth the follow.


Focused as a global creative production company specialized in architectural visualization, BINYAN partners with agencies and clients around the world. Combining cutting edge technology practices with creative design, BINYAN seeks to push industry standards for archviz. With offices in Australia, the UK, and the US, their projects have gotten international attention with award winning visualizations and integrated case studies and expositions.

NMachine 🔗

With carefully selected architectural projects, NMachine is a creative studio that provides photo-realistic visualizations for architectural projects in the office, residential, public space, and interior design sectors. Utilizing illuminating color, detailed rendering of features, and strong hues and shades for visualization, their creations bring to life the otherwise unseen features of client projects. Services incorporated in NMachine include property marketing purposes, international competitions, and approval processes for agencies.

Pixel Reality 🔗

Liverpool-based Pixel Reality is an archviz studio focused primarily on residential and interior design visualization. Containing intricate detail and bright illumination of spaces, their designs are crafted to provide insight into the glamour and simplicity of their clients’ projects. If you’re looking for an archviz studio specialized in interior design, Pixel Reality is the one to follow.

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