March 19, 2022

March 19, 2022

March 19, 2022

Go Beyond ArchViz Experiences

Go Beyond ArchViz Experiences

Go Beyond ArchViz Experiences




Growth at Vagon

As Vagon launched its first product, Vagon Cloud Computer 2 years ago, with the purpose of providing high performance cloud computers to creators, engineers and all others.

Now, Vagon has reached 100K users worldwide and is growing rapidly with their exclusive community. Vagon is becoming more and more popular among creative individuals and teams with cloud computers. Now, it’s time to tell you about the new service, Vagon Streams and the story of one of the first customers.

Application Streaming

Well, What if I told you that you can work with Unreal Engine, Unity or any other hardware consuming application on your computer with no need for a GPU? Sounds kinda interesting, right?

With Vagon Streams, you can run any application on your computer, tablet or mobile phone without having to know any coding knowledge. With an easy onboarding process, you can upload your applications and other related files. Then, let the rest of the job be done by Vagon!

Before officially launching Vagon Streams, Vagon has onboarded a couple applications. Let’s go over the story of one of their customers.

Real Estate 3D Walkthrough

An architecture visualization experience company that provides virtual tours for architectural scenes. They want to implement their virtual experience tours on the web for customers to reach this service from anywhere in the world.

They create real estate sales flows with Unity where realized lighting and scenery require incredible GPU performance and they use Vagon Streams to create device-free user engagement.

They are serving all of their clients with Vagon.

Instead of old school models for constructions and buildings, they are building virtual scenes for architectural purposes. Of course there was a room that has to be fulfilled which is providing such an experience via the web that can be reached from mobile, laptop and tablet.

At this point, Vagon is now on the board!


As the applications are deployed on Vagon Streams, with applications that are created on Unity, Vagon catches impressively optimized flow and works extremely smoothly on the web. Well, the most impressive part is that you do not need to have huge, robust machines to run these architectural visualization scenes, even with the modest computers you can access this seamless experience.

Integration Process

With Vagon’s suitable software layer that is built on its own and publicly shared data centers, their Architecture Visualization Experience has worked smoothly in Vagon Streams. After proving itself with such optimized and customizable infrastructure and competitive pricing catalog that Vagon Stream provides, they are currently streaming all of their architectural experience tours via Vagon. Besides, the fast and responsive customer support enables users to reach services smoothly and helps them before and after any problems as they happen. We are here for all of the questions and comments about our services, just let us know. :)


Being one of the first customers of Vagon Streams, we have received various helpful feedback to improve the experience of the product and now, we are officially launching it.

Next Steps

Well of course, this is just the beginning. With a growing user community, Vagon Streams provides convenience and smooth experience for streaming your application on the web.

For virtual events, online education programs with user collaboration and many more, we are at the beginning of this challenging road and ready for your valuable feedback to improve ourselves.

Try it & tell us what you think!

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