August 14, 2023

August 14, 2023

August 14, 2023

Best Coworking Spaces All Around the World

Best Coworking Spaces All Around the World

Best Coworking Spaces All Around the World




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With the rise of remote work over the past years, many professionals have also taken to working from home. And although remote working has its own benefits, it also has its own downsides, not the least of which is the lack of space and the isolation. A good compromise between working from home and working in a typical office space is the coworking space. The concept of coworking cropped up in the mid-2000s and, since then, has come a long way.

Coworking spaces are perfect for small startups, new businesses, and freelance professionals looking for an affordable workspace that is conducive to collaboration and networking. But with all the new coworking spaces popping up everywhere, it might get complicated figuring out which ones are worth a freelancer’s hard-earned money to work in.

There are a few key factors to consider. First is the logistics of it. Is it in a good location? Are the facilities top-quality and creatively designed? Secondly, just as important as the physical state of the coworking space is its “spirit”. Are the staff good-natured and accommodating? Is there a sense of community? All of it culminates to how productive you can be and how conducive a space is for working.

With those criteria in mind, we’ll discuss today some of the best coworking spaces around the world.

The Farm

Soho at 447 Broadway, NY, USA

This creatively designed coworking space got its namesake from furnishing and authentic pieces of a rustic, century-old barn from Missouri. In terms of looks alone, this is one of the most unique coworking spaces in the world. With great amenities to boot.

Notable Amenities

  • 24/7 Access

  • Printing & Scanning and Package/Mail Reception

  • Even Venues and Conference Rooms

  • Pet Friendly

  • Global Coworking Access


  • Daily/Hourly prices from $29 to $50+

  • Monthly membership packages from $179 for one person to $1500 for a 6-person team

  • Private offices from $2,500 to $6,800+ monthly

NeueHouse Coworking Space

Hollywood, California, USA

For professionals looking for a space that showcases the creativity and spirit of Los Angeles, NeueHouse has the perfect blend of modern and vintage chic with all the creature comforts that come with top-notch coworking spaces.

Notable Amenities

  • Screening Room

  • Podcast Room

  • In-House Art Exhibition Programming

  • Cultural Programming & Offsites

  • Happy Hour & Cocktail Program


  • For individuals: $3,600 a year

  • For “off-site” teams of 5 or more: $3,500 a year per member

  • For residents: $800 to $5,000 per month

The Great Room


Hospitality is the name of the game for The Great Room in Singapore. It comes with luxurious, high-end furnishings reminiscent of 5-star hotel lobbies. Granted, the membership for The Great Room is a little steeper than most other co-working spaces, this comes with corresponding perks not found elsewhere.

Notable Amenities

  • 24/7 Access

  • Monday Breakfast Clubs

  • Meeting and Event Spaces

  • Business and Lifestyle events


  • Dedicated Office: SGD 1,500

  • Hot Desk: SGD 750

  • Day Pass: SGD 70/day

  • Virtual Office: SGD 175/month

The Commons – Melbourne & Sydney, Australia

Melbourne & Sydney, Australia

The Commons is a great chain of coworking spaces located in Melbourne and Sydney in the land down under. Their workspaces have all you need in a coworking space and much more. The Commons take both working hard and playing hard seriously.

Notable Amenities

  • Meeting rooms and training rooms

  • Podcast studios

  • Photography studios

  • Health and wellness amenities


  • Private Office: $1,620 per month

  • Dedicated Desk: $580 per month

  • Open Desk: $400 per month

  • Virtual Office: $70 per month


Isla de San Cristóbal in Panama

Cocovivo takes isolated coworking beach spaces to a whole new level by having a location on their very own island. If you truly need to get away to be able to focus on work, you’ll find that the CaribbeanCaribean waters and tropical forests of Cocovivo are perfect for you.

Notable Amenities

  • Beachside

  • Jungleside

  • Co-living Accommodations


  • Coworking Space, Serviced Office, Virtual Office: Price on request

  • Daily, monthly, or annually paid


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is known worldwide as one of the biggest tourist capitals in Europe, and for good reason. Digital nomads looking to stay in the city will find that Betahaus is a great place for work.

Notable Amenities

  • Heating + AC

  • Lounge Area

  • Outdoor Terrace

  • Kitchen


  • Day Pass (9:00AM-6:00PM): EUR 17

  • 100 Hours (Individual): EUR 179

  • 500 Hours (Team): EUR 739

  • Monthly Fixed Desk: EUR 269

  • Hot Desk: EUR 219 Monthly

Patchwork Coworking Space

Paris, France

Right smack in the middle of Paris’ city center, Patchwork sports amazing interior design and a great community of professionals and creative individuals. If Paris is your next stop in your digital nomad tour of the globe, this is the perfect place to catch up on work.

Notable Amenities

  • Meeting rooms

  • Designer furniture

  • Meal services


  • Individual: EUR 590/month

  • Meeting rooms: Price on request

  • Event space: Price on request

Digital nomads looking for many types of coworking spaces as they travel around the world will find that there is no shortage of truly amazing places to go to for work. If you’re looking to figure out ways to make remote working easier and more sustainable for a traveler’s lifestyle, our list might hopefully help you plan out where to go next.

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