December 18, 2021

December 18, 2021

December 18, 2021

Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Digital Art

Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Digital Art

Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Digital Art




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When it comes to digital art, there is no limit to learning new things, as you can imagine. However, sometimes you may feel stuck and may use some inspiration from other artists.

To get inspired, follow the newest trends, and have a connection with the rest of the digital art community the best thing you can do is follow what professional digital artists are doing. As you can imagine, the best way to do so is by using social media.

So, here I am with the list of amazing Instagram accounts that you need to follow in 2023 in order to expand your point of view to the digital art world! Feel like this is not enough? Check out below and find more accounts that we have suggested you follow in 2022 as well!

1. Mike Meyers - @mmeyers76 🔗

Mike is a Sony-sponsored photographer with over 20 years of experience. His talent for turning everyday backgrounds into something magical can be seen in every single work of his which led him to have a highly engaged social media network!

The aesthetics of his works will show you the perfect balance between nature’s power and man-made buildings and technologies. I truly believe that his art will not only inspire you but also will help you develop a different point of view on your everyday environments.

2. Niko C - @cnikarts 🔗

Quoting Niko himself, he just keeps swimming, using art as a life jacket to explore and examine the world and to be perpetually reminded you can touch heaven from anywhere. These words may not mean much to you when you first hear them, but believe me, you will understand what Niko means once you see his art.

Niko not only touches heaven from different angles but also shows it to other people through his works. The peace and ataraxy you will feel from his form of art will help you get inspired whenever you need it.

3. Andrés Reisinger - @reisingerandreas 🔗

If you are a big fan of surrealism, and you cannot get your eyes off the harmony between reality and fiction, when you see surreal art, this is the account for you. Once you check out his works, you will understand why Andrés refers to his studio as “unclassifiable”, as you will see how differently his art form approaches our daily world and surroundings.

The amazing exhibitions and shows of Andrés are way too many to list here one by one, however, I can say that taking a look at his Instagram account will make you want to see more!

4. Justin Peters - @jstnptrs 🔗

One thing you will notice about Justin’s art is that he sees the world differently than other people do. The way he pieces together different and unrelated objects, and somehow manages to make them harmonical will blow your mind.

If you feel like you could use some inspiration for your own art in 2023, you can be sure that you will get some if you follow Justin’s account and start seeing his amazing creations in your Instagram feed!

5. James - @jameasons 🔗

If you check out James’ account, you will not only feel inspired but also will have a chance to learn more about Photoshop, as James also shares the process of creating some of his art in short videos in his account! Along with learning how to do the amazing stuff that he does, you will also take a look into James’ mind and see the story behind his works.

Thanks to his great talents, you will also notice the beauty in the most simple things, and this is one of the skills you should use for yourself in 2023!

6. Eva Balloon - @cutestintrovert 🔗

As you can understand from the name of her account, Eva is an introverted digital artist who creates amazingly cute characters! If you are trying to learn digital art by yourself, Eva has a lot to teach you as she is also self-taught all the way here.

If you like what Eva is doing, and feel like you need to keep seeing her works, remember to also check out her tutorials, sketches, and other content as well, because believe it or not this account has a lot to offer!

7. Hayden Clay Williams - @hayden_clay 🔗

Hayden, a former photographer, says his passion for art was born after seeing some ideas in his mind were too surreal to create in-camera, and this is why he started his 3D artwork. Once you see his works, you understand better how he sees surrealism in the scenes that we see every day.

His art style creates dreamlike scenes bathed in water and light, which makes its viewers think about more than they see about our world’s current problems. After all, Hayden’s goal is to invoke positive change through his art, and by following his account, you will have a chance to become a part of this beautiful goal yourself!

8. Dan LuVisi - @danluvisiart 🔗

Dan is an amazingly talented artist who is specialized in pop-culture parodies and has worked with some of the greatest companies in the market like DC Comics, Lionsgate, Microsoft, Universal, Fox, Activision, and more.

If you are into pop culture as well, Dan’s account will keep you inspired and updated through 2023! Along with his talents in digital art, he is also a great writer, currently working on his newest book. Sounds interesting already? Wait until you check out his account!

9. Anna McNaughty - @annamcnaugthy 🔗

If you feel overwhelmed and stressed frequently in your daily life, and you open Instagram for relaxing a bit, following Anna’s account will make a huge difference as her art is incredibly beautiful and relaxing. Believe me, seeing her dreamy works in my Instagram feed makes my day every time!

You can always check her account for escaping reality but also check the tutorials she shares to learn more about how she does those great things to improve your skills in 2023!

10. Andreas Wannerstedt - @wannerstedt 🔗

Last but definitely not least: Andreas Wannerstedt. Andreas’ strangely hypnotizing art will make you feel relaxed and meditative! His sophisticated and calming designs will give you a different point of view when it comes to digital art.

As you can imagine from the number of followers of his artwork, his success cannot be described by simple words, and if we try to list the commissioned works with recognizable brands would take up a lot of space in this article. However, you will immediately understand the reason behind his success once you check out his account!

As you can imagine, there are lots of amazing digital artists to follow on Instagram, and it is impossible for us to list them all here, so we came up with 10 of them only! However, if you feel like you could use some more inspiration, keep reading and check out our suggestions from 2022 as well.

Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Digital Art in 2022

1. Kellan Hendry - @kellansworld 🔗

Kellan is a photographer who became quite famous on Instagram -with his 1.2 million followers- with his surreal, amazingly edited photos. If you like surreal photography, you should definitely check this account out.

Kellan shares his stunning works quite frequently on his Instagram, and I can assure you that once you take a look at his account, you will start waiting for his next post impatiently. Every piece he makes is inspiring and creative but high-toned at the same time.

2. Christian Photoshop Art - @christianpsart 🔗

Kevin produces stunning works, and each wakes a different emotion in you. His art is not only impressive but also quite thought-provoking in a great way.

Also, you can find Kevin’s tutorials in which he shows how to create amazing stuff using Photoshop step by step on the link in his bio. If you like his work, don’t forget to check that out as well!

3. Benny Productions - @benny_productions 🔗

Benny’s account is one of the greatest and most fun accounts about digital art on Instagram. You can learn a lot from his creative works and at the same time, joining his community would make you feel like a part of something special as he sincerely cares about his fans.

Also, you can check his amazing tutorials from the link on his bio, and even send him a photograph of yourself and he might edit it in the greatest way, and make a tutorial of it as well!

4. Max Asabin / Asabin Art - @asabinart 🔗

Works in this account will always make me feel like I just traveled to a magical place far away which I always wished that it existed, and I truly believe that it can make the same effect on anyone.

The usage of different colors and contexts in his works will be more than enough for your daily need for inspiration. Also, you can check his Youtube account for some extra tips and how-to videos as well.

5. Alexy Préfontaine - @aeforia 🔗

Quoting from him; his work is all about colors, balance, and emotion. You will be amazed about how stunning works he is producing by focusing on these three points only. Almost all of his works seem to be representing the same aesthetics while maintaining their own uniqueness at the same time.

You can learn a lot from his account about how to use colors in their most powerful ways and use them to awaken all kinds of emotions.

6. Bishal Roy - @visualoptimist 🔗

Bishal’s account has been growing a lot lately and I think it will be one of the most attractive accounts on Instagram in the future thanks to his hard work and amazing creativity.

One of the greatest things that he does is to share the details of the work he has done -like images that he used or the time he spent- while also sharing quick tips on his Youtube channel. So, I suggest you give it a shot and take a look at his works and learn more about how does he do what he does!

7. Aron Visuals -@aronvisuals 🔗

Aron says that he believes there is something special about being in nature, something that cannot ve put in words but something you feel deep within yourself. I truly believe that this feeling exists, and even if we cannot define it by our word I think Aron defines it with his art.

Seeing how he combines nature with his art will not only inspire you but also will help you find that feeling from your phone or computer, without being in nature.

8. Vanessa Rivera - @the_life_of_aivax 🔗

If you would like to get inspired while feeling like you are looking at a fairytale of a cute family, this account will be a great fit for you! Vanessa’s magical works are so amazing that you will have a reason to believe in fairytales like you are a child again, and let’s be honest, who is more creative than children?

9. Dylan Bolívar - @dylanbolivar 🔗

Dylan is also one of the digital artists who have a great potential to reach some amazing places in a really short time. I can assure you that, you will not regret following this account in the upcoming year as Dylan’s creativity and aesthetic pleasure will be a great inspiration for all of us!

10. Mishko - 🔗

Mishko is capable of expressing the emotions that we cannot express with words with his art. As he posts his works almost every day, following this account will help you get your inspiration dose of the day. Just like his talent in revealing unexpressed emotions, his art will be able to reveal the creativity that is inside you!

Just one small note about this post; as there are so many amazingly talented digital artists on Instagram, we cannot list them all here. I truly hope the ones listed will inspire you through the whole of 2023!

Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Digital Art in 2023 - 2024

1. Joan Conellà 🔗

Joan Cornellà is a Spanish cartoonist and comic artist known for his dark humor style drawings. He often includes shocking and ironic content in his work. With a colorful and minimalist style, he focuses on social critiques and absurd situations. His characters are often faced with extremely happy or crazy circumstances, aiming to surprise and provoke thought in the audience. Cornellà's pieces are dialogue-free, relying on facial expressions and body language for strong storytelling. Pushing beyond traditional comic art, he offers a unique perspective and has garnered a large internet fan base who share his works.

2. Mike Winkelmann 🔗

Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, is an American CG artist and graphic designer who pushes the boundaries of digital art. He has made a significant impact in the world of 3D animation, graphic design, and digital art. Particularly notable for his "Everydays" project, Beeple blends art and technology with the visuals he creates every day. His works often delve into technology, pop culture, and societal issues, each one visually striking and thought-provoking. When Beeple's artworks and digital assets are offered for sale on online platforms, they immediately garner attention and quickly gain popularity among collectors.

3. Pascal Campion 🔗

Pascal Campion is a French-born artist living in America. Working primarily in the digital realm, Campion often explores themes of family, everyday life, and human relationships with a warm and emotional perspective. Using pastel tones and soft lines in his works, Campion creates a unique style that gives his illustrations a distinct atmosphere. He shares his art predominantly online and has garnered a large following.

4. Christoph Niemann 🔗

Christoph Niemann is a German illustrator, graphic designer, and author known for his fun and unique approach to art. He has contributed to prestigious publications such as The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, and National Geographic, making a name for himself in the art world. Niemann prefers to express complex ideas with simple and memorable visuals, often using everyday objects and shapes in unexpected ways to create an original style. Renowned for his "Abstract Sunday" series, Niemann blends illustrations with photography and typography to create thought-provoking and humorous visual experiments. Through his art, he entertains audiences while also encouraging them to think and engaging their visual intelligence. With this distinctive approach, Niemann stands out as a notable figure in the art world.

5. Andrey Surnov 🔗

Andrey Surnov is a talented Russian illustrator, graphic designer, and artist renowned for his mesmerizing and imaginative illustrations. His art delves into surreal and dream-like realms, skillfully merging reality with fantasy to create a distinctive and captivating style. Surnov's illustrations are rich in intricate details and vibrant colors, imbued with a sense of whimsy that transports viewers into his enchanting world. With a solid foundation in graphic design, he approaches his work with precision and creativity, crafting visually stunning pieces that make a lasting impact. 

Just one small note about this post; as there are so many amazingly talented digital artists on Instagram, we cannot list them all here. I truly hope the ones listed will inspire you through the whole of 2024!

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