December 1, 2022

December 1, 2022

December 1, 2022

The Best Plugins for DaVinci Resolve

The Best Plugins for DaVinci Resolve

The Best Plugins for DaVinci Resolve




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For many years DaVinci Resolve has lacked the architecture for plugin support, but the enhancements implemented since version 10 have added support for them. While working on Video Production and VFX projects, plugins allow you to customize programs by adding all the functions that are not already natively integrated.

The use of plugins increases the productivity of the software and the output quality of the files created. DaVinci Resolve supports the Open FX plugin architecture, which allows developers to create plugins using an open, cross-platform standard, which allows integration into any software with this support.

Below we will tell you about the 6 best plugins supported by DaVinci Resolve. Try these add-ons to capture endless creative possibilities and bring a vibrant and realistic look to your images.

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

1. False Color - OpenFX

The name of this plugin, False Color, refers to the ability to examine the exposure of the shots. Following the criteria set by the plugin, the highlighted areas are mapped within a specific color range.

For example, areas that are above 90% brightness will be colored red, and so on. This feature makes it easy to spot overexposed parts by identifying contrast and brightness ratios. The plugin is available for free for both Windows and Mac and is super easy to use.

To use the plugin, simply open it and drag it in the direction of the node concerned, and then customize the brightness and transparency. If there are pixels that exceed the brightness level, only the highlighted area can be changed; it’s that easy.

2. mLook

mLook is another top plugin dedicated to improving color correction and grading capabilities. The cost of this add-on, which provides several customs presets, is only $ 59.

mLook helps make your photos more dynamic, giving them a nice and breathtaking look. This plugin is a perfect example of how a very simple change in color gradation can dramatically change the results of a shot.

3. FilmConvert

Thanks to the presence of a color corrector with 3 modes, a saturation switch, and as many as 19 still and moving stock films, the OFX FilmConvert plugin, costing $ 149, is able to give your movies the grain and colors of the best stock creations.

Digital shooting requires a significant amount of editing to turn into quality footage. This plugin can help users get the perfect color profiles that characterize their favorite movie scenes, giving an organic and almost magical quality to their creations.

Not all cameras respond to colors the same way. To give balance to any excesses in hue, contrast, and brightness, you can use this valuable plugin for DaVinci Resolve. Simply put, just one click divides the average user from creating industry-standard images and movies.

Photo by Daniel Leżuch on Unsplash

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4. RE: Vision Effects DE: Noise

RE: Vision Effects is a well-known name in the plugin world, as it’s one of the most used. This add-on allows you to manage all possible defects, frame by frame, from digital noise to smudges that can ruin the quality of the film.

Thanks to its spatial and temporal filters, the plugin helps reduce the visual impact and solve problems related to shooting in low light conditions, excessive film grain, snow, frequency reduction, dust, and many other defects.

The presence of 8 methods of temporal filtering allows this plugin to make movies smooth, reduce digital noise, and correct other artifacts. The plugin is available for $ 149.95.

Vagon: Your Boost for Better Editing

Discovering plugins is just the start. With Vagon’s remote desktops, enjoy a lag-free editing experience in DaVinci Resolve, making every plugin work seamlessly for you.

5. Boris FX BCC Continuum Complete

Boris is a complete plugin for all OFX system applications - and DaVinci Resolve is one of them. This component is available for $ 695 and allows you to rotate movies, apply 3D effects and restore images to give them a stunning look.

Thanks to advanced features such as the Beauty Studio, this plugin allows you to correct skin tones, reduce so-called imperfections and improve the appearance of the figures that appear in the images. The Title Studio feature, on the other hand, allows you to create high-quality moving graphics and animations.

As if that were not enough, Boris is able to restore the natural transitions of images and, through the Mocha Tracking function and the one for applying masks, it helps to give a finished look to the movies, connoting itself as an effective post-production tool.

6. GenArts Sapphire VFX

At $ 1699 GenArts Sapphire VFX is one of the most expensive plugins around. At that price, you can get your hands on a component that can improve image processing, maximizing productivity and rendering speed.

The impressive collection of over 260 effects, transitions, and presets allow this plugin to provide virtually endless possibilities for customizing and enhancing your creations. All the tools included in the plugin are effective and reliable in bringing images to life. The presence of numerous creative options and an impeccable workflow have allowed this plugin to become a favorite for artists and video producers in the industry.

The extraordinary plethora of transitions, texture designs, and lighting effects offered by GenArts Sapphire VFX, allows the plugin to help any user to create stunning videos. Also notable are the versatility and completeness of this add-on.


We have introduced you to some of the best plugins for correcting colors and adding effects and transitions with DaVinci Resolve. As you have seen, some of these components are free, while others are very expensive. These are our suggestions for improvement in your DaVinci editing; it’s up to you to find the right plugin to fit your needs and budget, keep following Vagon for more articles about video production and video editing on DaVinci!

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