October 27, 2022

October 27, 2022

October 27, 2022

Best Courses for Digital Artists

Best Courses for Digital Artists

Best Courses for Digital Artists




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Digital art has become a hot topic in the last couple of years, and as a result, the number of digital artists has skyrocketed. So, it became harder and harder to find a reliable job in the industry with the increasing competition. However, once you have the skill set that you need and a can-do attitude, becoming a successful digital artist is easier than it looks!

Nevertheless, starting off is the most challenging part of finding a place for your talents as a digital artist. Choosing the best software for you, becoming a professional with that tool, finding a job, and getting the right computer can be overwhelming if you are a beginner. Though we have already shared the complete guide for becoming a successful digital artist with you, we will share some amazing courses with you in this article in case you still don’t know where to start!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Firstly, you will need to decide on the software that you want to use in your digital art career. I know having so many options can be confusing, but choosing the right one is particularly important as you will spend hours practicing on that tool to become a professional. Though you don’t have to use only one of them, here’s the list of great software that you can start with, and some courses about those that will get you on work!


Blender is an industry-standard 3D modeling software as it has various opportunities for rendering, modeling, animation, motion tracking, video editing, and much more. As it is one of the most beginner-friendly options, learning it is a great way to start digital art.

Thanks to its popularity, there are thousands of different courses, and tutorials available on the Internet that will help you become a professional Blender user. However, not all of those options are perfect, and if you are unsure about which one will work for you we are here to help!

1. Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners

2. Learn Blender The Right Way

3. Blender for Complete and Total Beginners

Though these three are some of the best courses for beginners, they are not the only ones, as you can imagine. There are many other options that you must check out before committing your money and time to one of them.


When it comes to editing photographs, compositing digital art, animating, or graphic design Adobe Photoshop is the first software that comes to our minds. Photoshop gives its users limitless opportunities in these areas thanks to its advanced features and amazing options.

Though there are some unrealistic claims about how they can teach you how to use Photoshop professionally in a couple of hours, the truth is learning the software requires great effort and time. However, learning it from a great course can make your whole learning process much easier!

1. Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro 2022

2. Photoshop CC 2019 Essential Training: The Basics

3. Photoshop 2022 MasterClass

Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

I would highly recommend taking a look at these awesome courses, but if you are still feeling like you haven’t found what you are looking for just yet, take your time to look at the other great options you have!


Autodesk Maya is one of the best software options for digital artists. Whether you will use it for simulation, modeling, 3D animation, rendering, or something else; the only limitation will be your imagination once you learn how to use the software professionally.

Though this sounds amazing, the process of learning can be painful if you don’t know where to start. However, you don’t need to worry about it, because as always, we have a great list of courses for you! Here are some of the options you have:

1. Maya for Beginners: Complete Guide to 3D Animation in Maya

2. Maya 2022 Essential Training

3. 3D Modeling & Animation with Maya


If you are passionate about digital sculpting, ZBrush is the choice for you. Thanks to its high-quality features, ZBrush is an amazing digital sculpting tool when it comes to 3D modeling, texturing, and painting.

It is possible to put your creativity into practice and build inspiringly realistic art pieces once you learn how to use the tool. To get the best out of ZBrush, I will highly recommend starting learning with a course, and once you start to understand how things work; practice, practice, and practice! Here are some course suggestions for ZBrush beginners:

1. Learn ZBrush - Ultimate Course 4 Beginners/Intermediate

2. Absolute Beginners ZBrush Course

3. Introduction to ZBrush

As always, you must find the perfect fit for you, so you are having second thoughts about the software or the suggested courses above, be sure the check out our full list of courses before starting learning.


Houdini is one of the first options that come to our minds when it comes to 3D animation and the creation of visual effects as it is one of the most powerful tools in the market today. Though Houdini is mainly used for advanced dynamic simulations and particle effects, it can be used for modeling and rendering by digital artists as well.

If you are thinking about learning Houdini professionally for your digital art career, we have already created a list of the best courses for Houdini for you as well! Here are some of the greatest options for learning Houdini from a professional instructor:

1. Complete Houdini FX 19 Bootcamp

2. Houdini Essential Training

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is one of the best options you have when it comes to professional 3D modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering software solutions. Its fast, powerful, flexible, and stable toolset makes 3D workflows more accessible and efficient for design, motion graphics and so much more.

However, the interface of the software may seem confusing at first, if you have almost no experience. To get yourself familiar with Cinema 4D, and learn more about its features there are some amazing courses that you can check out. If you are a person who cannot choose when there are so many options, here are some of our top picks from that list:

1. Learning Maxon Cinema 4D - A Beginners Training Course

2. Cinema 4D Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

3. Introduction to Cinema 4D

As you can see, there are many software options if you are planning to become a digital artist and even more options when it comes to finding a good course that will teach you how to become one. Though it is impossible to give every great course a place on our lists is impossible, we tried our best to come up with helpful lists for beginner digital artists!

If you liked this guide and would love to learn more about digital art you can check out our blog.

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