November 17, 2023

November 17, 2023

November 17, 2023

Best 24 CustomGPTs For Creatives

Best 24 CustomGPTs For Creatives

Best 24 CustomGPTs For Creatives




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CustomGPTs are revolutionizing the creative process, offering powerful AI assistance to enhance productivity across various applications. Whether you’re a designer, 3D artist, or video editor, these tools can streamline your projects and elevate your work. This curated list of CustomGPTs is prepared to seamlessly integrate into your digital toolkit.

Stay tuned as we explore the transformative world of CustomGPTs, tailored for the creative industry’s dynamic needs.

Custom GPTs for 3D/CGI Artists & Game Developers

The intersection of art and technology is where 3D/CGI artists and game developers craft their digital masterpieces. Custom GPTs are here to spark creativity and provide technical guidance, making the process from conception to realization smoother and more intuitive.

#1: Game Creator’s Muse 🔗

Game Creator’s Muse, brought to you by Edgar Posada, is your AI incubator for game development, offering inspiration for stories, visuals, and concept art.

Blender 3D revolutionizes 3D modeling and animation, and now, Custom GPTs are making this powerful tool even more accessible to artists. Let’s move on to the Blender GPTs.

#2: Blender Buddy GPT 🔗

Blender Buddy GPT is your comprehensive guide to all features and updates in Blender 3.6.

#3: Blender Scout 🔗

Blender Scout by Ruben Messerschmidt is your AI-powered navigator to find Blender resources, from tutorials to assets and add-ons.

#4: Blender Addon/Plugin Developer 🔗

Anton Lobanovskiy’s Blender Addon/Plugin Developer is your assistant for developing Blender 3D plugins and add-ons, simplifying the development process.

#5: Blender Beacon 🔗

Blender Beacon by Jeremy Schroeder is your friendly AI guide for 3D character modeling and mastering Blender Python animation scripting.

For game developers, the power of GPTs extends to game engines such as Unreal Engine, Unity, Houdini, and Godot, providing a wealth of knowledge to streamline game development.

#6: Unity Game Dev URP Guru 🔗

Introducing “URP Unity”, your AI expert in Unity game development, ready to assist with cross-platform projects using the Universal Render Pipeline.

#7: Unreal Engine 5 Expert 🔗

Unreal Engine 5 Expert is your detailed AI guide to mastering UE5 game development with Blueprints or C++.

#8: CGI. Houdini and Unreal Engine 🔗

David Martin’s CGI. Houdini and Unreal Engine GPT offers expert insights into harmonizing Houdini & Unreal Engine workflows.

#9: Godot Smith - Godot Game Engine GDscript Assistant 🔗 brings you Godot Smith, an AI assistant dedicated to supporting your Godot Game Development with expert GDScript advice.

Custom GPTs for Designers & UI/UX Specialists

In the ever-evolving field of design, Custom GPTs are a game-changer for designers and UI/UX specialists seeking to refine their craft. These specialized AI tools offer tailored support, from providing creative direction to detailed design critiques, ensuring that your user interfaces are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

#10: ECDGPT (Executive Creative Director GPT) 🔗

The ECDGPT acts as your virtual creative director, ready to engage in brainstorming sessions or provide instant feedback on your design ideas, just like a real-life executive would over a quick phone call.

#11: Design Critique 🔗

With Design Critique, transform your work into a user-centric masterpiece. Receive expert analysis on layout, color schemes, and typography, all designed to elevate the user experience of your designs.

#12: The Design System Guide 🔗

The Design System Guide is your go-to resource for establishing a robust design system. It simplifies complex concepts into easy-to-understand advice, setting you up for design consistency and efficiency.

#13: UX Insight and Psychology Guide 🔗

Tap into the human side of design with UX Insight and Psychology Guide. It provides professional, yet friendly assistance in analyzing your UX designs with a psychological lens for deeper user engagement.

#14: What Would Apple Do? 🔗

Inspired by Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, this tool offers design feedback that aligns with the tech giant’s renowned aesthetic and functional principles, guiding you towards industry-leading user experiences.

Custom GPTs for Front-end Developers & Web Design Tools

Front-end developers can now leverage Custom GPTs to navigate the complexities of client-side programming with ease. These AI assistants are equipped to guide you through coding intricacies and streamline your development process, from understanding frameworks to mastering web design tools.

#15: Front-end Code Training 🔗

Front-end Code Training is your personal coding mentor, specializing in modern frameworks like React and Vue, ready to help you enhance your coding skills and tackle front-end challenges.

#16: Webflow Wizard 🔗

The Webflow Wizard equips you with specialized knowledge to optimize your Webflow projects. This GPT tool acts as a smart guide, making your development process smoother and more efficient.

#17: FramerGPT 🔗

FramerGPT is designed to be the ultimate companion for Framer enthusiasts. It’s an AI-powered sidekick that assists you in unlocking the full potential of Framer for your web design projects.

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Custom GPTs for Video Editors & VFX Artists

The world of video editing and VFX is dynamic and demanding, requiring both creative flair and technical skill. Custom GPTs serve as specialized AI assistants that can provide real-time support, whether it’s scripting expressions in After Effects or mastering color grading in Premiere Pro. Let’s dive into the GPTs that can elevate your video editing and visual effects workflows.

#18: AE Expression Expert 🔗

AE Expression Expert is your go-to AI for crafting and fine-tuning After Effects expressions, simplifying complex animation tasks and enhancing your creative projects with Kenneth Koller’s expertise.

#19: Premiere Pro Assistant 🔗

Igor Riđanović’s Premiere Pro Assistant offers expert AI support tailored to Adobe Premiere Pro, covering everything from editing techniques to sound and color optimization.

#20: DaVinci Resolve Guru 🔗

FluxQx Ltd. presents the DaVinci Resolve Guru, a friendly AI guide that provides straightforward advice and community wisdom to help you master DaVinci Resolve.

Video editors are not only tasked with creating visually engaging content but also with crafting compelling narratives. CustomGPTs like Video Script Writer and MrBeastGPT are here to assist with scriptwriting and maximizing the performance of YouTube videos, ensuring that your content resonates with audiences and stands out in the crowded digital landscape.

#21: Video Script Writer 🔗

Video Script Writer is your creative partner for scripting engaging content on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, helping you brainstorm ideas and compose the entire script.

#22: MrBeastGPT 🔗

MrBeastGPT is your AI YouTube strategist, offering invaluable advice inspired by MrBeast’s successful content strategies, from creating captivating thumbnails and titles to scripting and content ideation.

Custom GPTs for Architects

Architects are embracing the digital transformation with AI that can offer innovative design solutions and technical insights. Custom GPTs for architects provide a competitive edge by serving as an on-demand consultant for architectural design and engineering challenges.

#23: ArchAItech 🔗

ArchAItech, designed by Luis Guillermo Santana Guerrero, is your AI companion in navigating the complex world of architecture and civil engineering.

#24: Architect 🔗

Christina K’s Architect is your AI-powered source for architectural design inspiration and professional insights.


As the landscape of generative AI continues to expand, we’ll keep this blog post updated with the latest and most effective Custom GPTs for creatives. At, we’re also developing specialized custom GPTs tailored to meet the unique needs of creatives in various industries. Remember, if you’re in search of the perfect AI tool, ‘There’s a GPT for That’ by Jacob Heinz is your go-to GPT search engine, making it easier than ever to find the right GPT application for your project. Stay creative, stay efficient, and let AI amplify your artistic vision.

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