January 11, 2020

January 11, 2020

January 11, 2020

Designing Your Dream Career? Best Universities for Design

Designing Your Dream Career? Best Universities for Design

Designing Your Dream Career? Best Universities for Design




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Graphic design and illustration are all around us, from the packaging on your favorite snack to the graphics on your phone. Someone thought about what they should look like and designed it, working off of a career in one of these design jobs after studying in the field.

If you would like to follow in their footsteps, you’ll need to think about the type of design you’re interested in and find a course at a relevant university. You should also think about how well the university ranks and whether its students go on to gain employment in their chosen fields.


Like most university courses, there will be entry requirements. Usually, this will be A-levels or something equivalent. Equivalent qualifications could be a Diploma in Foundation Art and Design or a related subject.


Consider whether the course you choose is the right one for your chosen career path. What does it cover, and what doesn’t it cover?

Is the university well-rounded with varying perspectives? Does it have good student support? Is the distance from home important to you? What financial support is available? With these questions in mind, what are the best universities for studying design?

1. Loughborough University 🔗

Its programs cover Design, Industrial Design, and Product Design and Technology. It also covers Graphic Design and Textiles under its Creative Arts courses.

Pro: The Product Design and Technology course is available with a foundation year, which can also be taken abroad. Con: The town of Loughborough is not rated very highly for nightlife or appeal. Fees: £9,250 a year, rising to between £18,650 to £22,350 a year for international and non-EU students.

2. University for the Creative Arts 🔗

UCA’s programs cover Animation, Computing, Games, Architecture, Interior Design, 3D Design, Fashion, Textiles, Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertising and Marketing.

Pro: Huge range of subjects, and a specialist design university. Con: Management levels appear to be a bit chaotic, but it’s unclear whether the student experience is affected. Fees: £9,250 a year, rising to around £16,250 a year for international and non-EU students.

3. Portsmouth University 🔗

Portsmouth University is highly rated among university guides and student satisfaction surveys. It offers design courses covering Animation, Games, and other computer design-based courses, like Fashion, Graphic Arts, and Creative Technologies.

Pro: Reasonably priced student accommodation starting at just £99 a week. Con: The facilities are sometimes not adequate for the number of students. For example, the library is a little small. Fees: £9,250 a year, rising to between £15,500 and £17,600 a year for international and non-EU students.

4. Edinburgh University 🔗

Edinburgh University covers Animation, Product Design, Graphic Design, Architecture, Illustration, Fashion, and Interior Design.

Pro: Scottish students study for free, and Irish students won’t be subject to international fees due to the Common Tavel rea agreement. Con: International fees are quite high. Fees: £9,250 a year, rising to between £20,950 and £32,100 a year for international students.

Studying Design

There are many reasons for studying design and plenty of universities to choose from. You have information on some of the top picks for studying design, but ultimately, the decision may come down to how you feel when you get there.

Be sure to check out the other articles on our blog for more advice on design careers and courses. For example, the best Universities for Architecture!

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