August 10, 2021

August 10, 2021

August 10, 2021

How to Get the Best of Remote Working

How to Get the Best of Remote Working

How to Get the Best of Remote Working




Before the pandemic, employees across the world had a completely different perspective on work-from-home to what they have right now. For many of us, remote work seemed like an exciting and convenient way of working when we heard about it for the first time. Many people started to take a shine to remote working, as it became more ubiquitous and profitable to both the employees and employers alike.

It is indisputable that working from home has had a tremendous impact on our lives and family, mostly positive. However, many people who work remotely face a bit of a problem when it comes to productivity, mental health, and work-life balance. This article will help you get the best of remote or nomad life with some of the most adaptable changes and tools that would improve your mood and productivity. We hope that our tips for working remotely help you!

From getting your internet connection up to speed to creating boundaries between work and personal life—here are some useful tips for remote working.

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Use a Strong Internet Connection

To make the best of your remote working environment, you would need a speedy and stable internet connection. Sometimes, it is the slow internet connection that puts you in an unfavorable situation at work.

The truth is that a lot of remote freelancers, especially the remote creatives, who predominantly work in the creative/multimedia industry, are somehow dependent on certain websites to get their work done. However, if you have good internet speed, you can get your tasks done faster. So what is the solution? The solution is switching to a faster broadband connection.

Always Stick to a Routine

The word “routine” may sound boring to a lot of people who work in the creative and multimedia industry, but when you are isolated at home and work without your colleagues, routine is what you need.

Working remotely with a perfectly organized plan can improve the way you function and increase your productivity as well. As Will Smith once mentioned in one of his interviews, “There is no reason to have Plan B because it distracts from Plan A.” Sticking to a structured plan is the key to time management at work.

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Improve Your Focus and Productivity with Task Batching

Not only are remote workers working on multiple, time-consuming tasks, but they are also unchaperoned. It takes an extremely trained remote worker to get things done without any proper supervision when they work alone at work - let alone at home. What can be done when you have to work on different projects from different specializations? Task Batching.

Task batching is nothing but sorting out the tasks that are very much alike and working on them all at once. Batching your tasks this way will improve the way you work, and make you more productive.

Take a Break and Walk

“Come to the woods, for here is rest,” wrote John Muir, a 19th-century naturalist. People often overlook one of the most important elements of our life. Health. Unlike office workers, remote creatives spend enormous time and effort delivering the assigned tasks while sitting in a chair looking at their laptop or desktop for hours. Balancing your mental and overall health is as important as your deadlines and promotions. Your body and brain need rest as much as your lungs need fresh air to breathe.

Taking a walk improves not only your mood but also your productivity. So take a walk in the park every now and then or take a bike ride to energize yourself.

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Use an Optimized Workstation

Remote workers in the creative and multimedia industry are forced to have a plethora of technical accessories that process and give life to their creativity. Imagine working on important projects, such as post-production editing, VFX, or CGI with a sluggish computer. Not very promising, right? Unlike other remote freelancers, remote creatives require the fastest and most reliable desktop even to do the simplest task thrown at them.

However, there is a perfect solution to address all the performance issues you frequently face with your desktop or laptop. With a cloud-based desktop, such as Vagon, you can effortlessly turn any of your devices into a high-powered workstation, efficiently leveraging the power of the cloud and internet.

Make the Most of Remote Life

Getting the best of remote working is now easier than ever before with the emergence of the Cloud and AI. Now remote creatives can seamlessly handle any number of complicated tasks without worrying about the operating system or device upgrade. You can elevate your working process by using Vagon’s cutting-edge cloud technology. To be a productive remote worker, nothing is more important than having easy access to technical tools at all times. Try Vagon now and thrive as a remote worker in your virtual workplace!

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