April 3, 2021

April 3, 2021

April 3, 2021

Inspiring 3D Artists to Follow

Inspiring 3D Artists to Follow

Inspiring 3D Artists to Follow




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The impact of 3D modeling can be seen in a number of different mediums, from game development and cartoon animation to advertising and cinema, and the utilization and future of this field is growing rapidly. Animated to a point of questioning what is real and fake, 3D artists in the industry spend huge amounts of time and energy into making their works come to life.

Despite differences in the design and approach to these creations, every professional 3D artist is able to keep a viewer wondering how in the world their work looks so real!

The truth is, this process takes time and determination, and every artist in the field works incredibly hard to make their vision a reality.

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

If you are interested or already working in this field, check out our top picks for the best 3D artists to follow in 2021. This list will be sure to keep you intrigued and inspired to keep on creating.

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Hadi Karimi


Specialized in likeness sculpting and character design, Hadi Karimi produces 3D portraits that look so lifelike one would need a double take to be sure that it wasn’t the actual person. For those specializing in this field, Karimi is a must follow to learn more and stay inspired. Whether it’s Will Smith, Marilynn Monroe, Bach, Dua Lipa, or Anne Hathaway, his creations are so close to the real thing that it’s mesmerizing. If you found the creations in his instagram to be as incredible as we did, you’d be happy to know that his pieces are also recorded on his YouTube channel with even some tutorials to learn from as well.

Friedrich Neumann


As a 3D artist based in Leipzig, Germany, Friedrich Neumann combines visuals that are both colorful and intriguing in form. As a combination of both motion graphics and still pieces, Neumann has had experience designing for some pretty notable brands including Amazon, AvantForm, and Adobe. If you happen to enjoy the works on his instagram, be sure to also check out his Behance profile for even more inspiration!



Working primarily with subjects in the built environment on a massive scale, rek0de combines the real world with figures that draw the viewer in and build up the wonder of their imagination. Whether it’s a massive head rolling through Time Square, an AI trying to make his commute home, or a giant snake slithering through the metro, these creations bring stories untold to the works they represent.

Andreas Wannerstedt


Andreas Wannerstedt is a must follow in the motion graphics field. As an artist and art director based out of Stockholm, Wannderstedt is specialized in creating 3D sculptures and looping animations that combine simplicity, color, and geometric compositions. In particular, his 3D animations are able to generate a hypnosis on the viewer, due to the liberation from typical forces like gravity and friction. If the descriptions of his work aren’t enough, it should be mentioned that over the course of 14 years, Wannerstedt has produced pieces for companies like Google, Swarovski, Adidas, Ikea, Spotify, and Red Bull, just to name a few!



Specializing as a 3D generalist, MBG CORE is the brand of Marc Aurélien, containing a variety of content in everything from animation and motion capture to 3D sculpting. From the projects MBG CORE has worked on, the most intriguing content are the motion graphics pieces which often exaggerate, emphasize, or highlight different aspects within the frame. Including clips such as Naruto ninja runs, people jumping over semi trucks, and elephants twerking, his content is sure to keep you captivated but also give you a laugh from time to time! If their instagram isn’t enough, be sure to check out their makersplace profile as well for other great content.

Irakli Nadar


As another character design artist in this list, Irakli Nadar produces hyper lifelike visualizations of well known models, actresses, and singers, with their own personal touch of youthfulness and innocence. With methods focused on the digital painting of the subjects, Nadar produces these works from his first sketch drawings and brings them to life. His work has gained a lot of attention on his platforms, with one of his pieces even being auctioned for over $200,000. If you happen to like his style and working methods, be sure to check out his product page here.

Ian Spriggs


Ian Spriggs is another must-follow 3D digital artist in the world of hyperreal animated portraits. Similar to Karimi and Nadar, these portraits bring to life 3D creations as if they were actual people, equally indistinguishable from the real deal. With his expertise in the field, it’s no wonder some big filmography names have sought after his contribution for works. If you’ve seen Mulan, the Mandalorian, or Detective Pikachu on screen, you’ve also seen some of his work as the Lead Character Modeller or Lead Character artist in these pieces as well.

If you don’t believe how lifelike his creations actually look, just check out his self-portrait in the instagram post above! It might as well have been taken on a digital camera.

Prateek Vatash


Based out of Bangalore, India, Prateek Vatash is a digital artist working in mediums of both 3D and 2D visualization. Often exploring explosive hues of neon color with interesting geometric patterns and shapes, his work resonates most with his interest in subject matter such as architecture, interior design, and typography. Working with brands such as Apple Books, Adobe, and TEDx, and art exhibitions in countries such as Germany, India, and Spain, it is clear he is one up an upcoming 3D artist that is worth the follow!

Peter Tarka


Featured also within our post Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow for CG Artists, Peter Tarka is known for bringing surrealism to life in his architecture and interior designs. Utilizing a combination of soft colors and abstract forms, his works are not only symmetric in feeling but also satisfying to gaze upon. Hosting a plethora of big name brands for past projects, such as Apple, Airbnb, Google, and Nike to name a few, there is no wonder why designers in the field are so attracted to his work.

Mike Campau


As a diversified digital artist that takes on projects ranging from commercial brand recognition to social causes and hobbies, Mike Campau is well versed in the industry. Utilizing tools from relevant fields like illustration, photography, graphic design, and CGI, his projects take on a variety of different genres, topics, and purposes. If you’re looking for some stunning 3D work in a diverse range of areas, be sure to follow his projects on his instagram or personal website!

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