July 25, 2023

July 25, 2023

July 25, 2023

Inspiring Photoshop Projects for Digital Artists

Inspiring Photoshop Projects for Digital Artists

Inspiring Photoshop Projects for Digital Artists




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As more features are added to Adobe Photoshop, such as non-destructive brush painting, Layer panel improvements, and the new web-based and iPad-based versions, it might get intimidating to keep up with the changes. One way to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed is to only focus on the features relevant to the projects you want to make. Simply put: figure out what you want to create and find out the best way to make that happen using Photoshop.

Now, if you’re stuck figuring out what your next project is going to look like, we’ve selected some of the most amazing Photoshop projects available on Behance for you to draw some inspiration from. Sometimes, other than brushing up on online tutorials and courses, immersing yourself in the works of other amazing artists is the best way to get started on your own work.

Hopefully, these projects will prove that with the ever-increasing capabilities of Adobe’s flagship graphic editor program, the only limit to digital art is a user’s imagination.

The Rooms Project 🔗


While quarantining in 2020, Behance user dimi_mak created a series of 3D-painted “famous” rooms from the worlds of art, literature, and cinema. This is the first of his series, Van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles”. The creator, dimi_mak, is a 3D illustrator and visual artist from New Delhi, India.

Some Work 🔗

Van Orton

Behance users Van Orton is an artist who specializes in graphic design and illustration. In this gallery, he showcases select works that he made in 2022. It’s a collection of artwork with solid outlines, bold blocks of color, and wild patterns. Van Orton is from Turin, Italy and he specializes in these kinds of pop art pieces.

Rede Globo 🔗

Leo Natsume

Leo Natsume, a designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil was commissioned by Rede Globo, the largest communication group in the country, to create a series of illustrations for Facebook. With the opportunity to create work that covered different audiences, Natsume was able to create a wide array of illustrations.

Cromatica 🔗

Mathew Guido

Mathew is a Canadian photographer and art director that showcases a series of inspiring headshots of various subjects in this Behance gallery. He employs creative ways to use lighting and colors to produce some truly unique portraits of people. There are plenty of Photoshop tutorials available that show you not just how to creative digital images from scratch, but also teach tips and tricks on working with existing picture and photography.

Interior Design - Mood Boards 🔗

Manisha Pateria

Indian designer Manisha Pateria uses clean and cleverly designed interior design mood boards to portray the feel of the spaces that she has chosen to showcase. It’s a thoughtful use of various pictures of furniture, materiality, and color to accurately convey the spirit of spaces.

Marshall 🔗

Evgeny UPROCK, Max Kozhanov, and Spectr Design Lab

The redesigned website of Marshall back in 2020 was a collaborative effort between many different artists. In the process of setting up websites like these, clients will often avail of the services of many different graphic designers, UI/UX designers, and web developers.

Distraction 🔗

Kiara Orozco

This graphic design and illustration project showcases pop icons reminiscent of Keith Haring’s works superimposed onto various pictures or everyday scenes. Kiara Orozco’s creative and whimsical use of illustrations adds a certain charm to seemingly mundane slice-of-life photographs.

Notmilk 🔗

Makers Company

Makers Company is a Cape Town-based illustration and animation studio that’s behind a ton of the graphic and branding identity of well-known products, magazines, and companies. Almost, in itself, a great tutorial in design thinking and digital art, this particular gallery showcases the thought processes behind the branding of Notmilk™.

This curated list of Behance projects shows us just a few examples of the amazing things you can do with Photoshop. We sincerely hope that you found them inspiring.

For more interesting works, be sure to stop by Vagon’s social media channels and interact with our community of passionate digital artists when you can!

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