October 31, 2021

October 31, 2021

October 31, 2021

Top 10 IG Accounts to Follow for Video Editing

Top 10 IG Accounts to Follow for Video Editing

Top 10 IG Accounts to Follow for Video Editing




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In 2020, the Vagon team created a post outlining our top 10 instagram accounts to follow for video production artists, and now into the new year, we’re excited to share our favorites once more!

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

COVID lockdowns and self isolation in our living rooms can make creativity and inspiration feel lacking at times, so here’s a list of incredible content to follow for the extra push to get out there and start filming.

Screenplayed - @screenplayed

Screenplayed is an instagram dedicated to showing how actors, writers, and directors bring screenplays to life, with real examples from some of the most popular films in the industry.

The most interesting aspects of the content they provide, is the discrepancy between the screenplay produced and the final product that is developed for the film. If you are interested in the development of screenplays and their evolution as they make into film, this account is a must follow.

Indie Filmmakers | Filmmaking - @indiefilmmakers

Looking to bring light to the various ideas, tips, and tricks that bring movie scenes to life, Indie Filmmakers is one of the go-to places for understanding the video production process on instagram. With each post looking at the methods and processes for making a scene real, there is no shortage of great content for video producers in the industry.

If you found their content interesting, you can also check out their website for places to find great camera gear, reviews, and filmmaking tutorials.

FILMMKRS - @filmmkrs

With a similar aim to the previous account, FILMMKRS provides useful methods to nailing a shot in various setups. In addition these tips, they also post relatable content that is meant to entertain and inspire as well!

If you find their posts useful and interesting, you can also check out their podcast which includes talks and interviews with some of the best filmmakers and creators from all over the globe.

FILM CRUX - @filmcrux

Following a goal to close the gap between independent filmmakers and Hollywood productions, FILM CRUX shares the tips and tools to bring your filmmaking to the next step, providing content covering a wide range of topics.

From video editing and cinematography to screenwriting, film theory and so much more, this account is a must follow for independent filmmakers in the industry.

If you happened to enjoy their content, be sure to check out their blog that covers the same material in more detail!

Film Lighting - @filmlights

Focused on the art of lighting in film production, Film Lighting is an account that any lighting specialist in the industry should follow.

Sharing the tricks of the trade and the equipment used in a variety of different scenes, there is a lot to learn from this account to make the lighting of your film come to life.

If you’re proud of the lighting you created in one of your own scenes, be sure to tag the pieces with @filmlights for the chance to be featured.

Myvideobag - @myvideobag

Taken once more from our list of 2020 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Video Production, MyVideoBag is a great account to see what equipment is being used in the industry by other professionals.

If you’re looking to upgrade or want to know more about the right equipment for different shoots, this account is a great one to follow.

IndieWire - @indiewire

Known for being the leading news platform for industry professionals, indie filmmakers, and movie spectators, IndieWire is the go-to place for finding all of the film news, interviews, and reviews in the field.

Not only does IndieWire have a focus on informative industry content, they also have an appreciation for the independent filmmaking field and seek to share that with their followers and subscribers.

If you’re looking for a great place to keep up with industry news, this account is the one to follow.

Color Palette Cinema - @colorpalette.cinema

Another account taken from our 2020 list, Color Palette Cinema was created by Kalki Janardhanan to describe the more nuanced aspects of filmmaking that viewers often overlook.

In particular, Color Palette Cinema is dedicated to bringing to light the way distinct color choices in films are used to connect viewers to certain feelings and emotions long after they have watched the film.

If you happen to like the content and are curious to learn more, check out this article on aframe by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, describing Kalki’s inspiration for this nuance film subject.

Cinematography - @cinematogr

Serving as an account for cinematography aficionados, this instagram seeks to entertain, inform, and inspire those in the industry.

From various posts about filmmaking processes to more entertaining and relatable content, Cinematography is a recommended follow for anyone looking to fill up their newsfeed with great filmmaking perspectives.

Behind the Cameras - @behind_the_cameras

Last but not least, Behind the Cameras is another incredible account taken again from our 2020 list. Showing the behind the scenes action that makes movies come to life is not only interesting in its own right, it also provides tips and techniques to replicate the same in your own production.

Whether you are a professional in the industry or just a huge fan of the movie making process, this account is one you will definitely want to check out!

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