July 28, 2020

July 28, 2020

July 28, 2020

Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow for Video Production Artists

Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow for Video Production Artists

Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow for Video Production Artists




Illustrator & Video Production

Need some inspiration for your next project? No worries, vagon team searched wide and far for the best Instagram accounts to follow in 2020 for video production!

They gather all kinds of interesting content concerning filmmaking, gear, color grading, vfx, and so much more.

Check out our selection!

1. Filmmakers - @filmmakersworld

Filmmakers World is one of the largest communities for film makers on Instagram. They post content of all sorts, including color grading, gears, behind the scenes videos, animation, and motion to name a few. Creatives from all around the world are part of this community. Go check out their content for more inspiration!

2. Filmmaking - @learnfilmmaking

The Instagram account Filmmaking is a community that gathers content of all sorts from creatives all around the world. They also provide resources to extend your skills in video editing and filmmaking. Go and have a look at their page!

3. FilmUp - @filmup.co

As they say, FilmUp is a platform “built by filmmakers for filmmakers”. They have a good and varying content including behind the scenes videos to visual effects, film equipment, and color grading. As a bonus, they also have some funny content that will make you smile.

4. Behind the Cameras - @behind_the_cameras

Behind the Cameras is an Instagram account that displays content explaining how movies are made. It also reveals some awesome techniques for you to continuously renew your filmmaking process and ideas.

5. Behind the Scenes - @behindthescenegram

The Instagram community BTS Gram - Behind the Scenes displays awesome content about filmset, VFX Breakdown, Tricks, Tutorials, Gears and some Reviews. Go check it out here! 👇

6. Myvideobag - @myvideobag

Myvideobag posts photos of whatever is in a video producer’s bag. It is a great place not only to discover new gears but to also satisfy your curiosity and compare with your own video bag. Go check this account and share your setup with your peers!

7. Color Palette Cinema - @colorpalette.cinema

This Instagram account only posts color palette visuals. As a whole, it creates an appealing and unique content. Every color palette is a reference to a different movie, which can be a good source of inspiration for you to discover new movies and give birth to new ideas.

8. Tobia Montanari - @tobia_montanari

Tobia is a certified and talented DaVinci Resolve Colorist and camera operator. His Instagram account is full of his personal color grading work, which is well worth a visit. Check it out here 👇

9. David Blaker - @itsdavidblaker

David is a talented digital artist who creates astonishing content. He has impressive video effects skills that leave people speechless. In his videos, he explains how he does the visual effects. Go check out his account for more details! 👇

10. Productioncrate - @productioncrate

Productioncrate gives useful and helpful tips to skyrocket your skills in visual effects. They provide a significant number of videos on how to create advanced underwater visual effects. You can also check their YouTube page for more tutorials!

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