May 1, 2024

May 1, 2024

May 1, 2024

Must-Follow Pinterest Accounts for Architects

Must-Follow Pinterest Accounts for Architects

Must-Follow Pinterest Accounts for Architects




For the longest time, flipping through magazines and traveling to new destinations have been enriching for designers and artists alike. Although different than usual, web apps and platforms have made it convenient for people to hunt for visual inspirations online. A valuable resource for designers and architects, Pinterest empowers its users to curate their visuals, experiences, and inspirations through images pinned and shared within the platform. Allowing every user to express their personality and creative vision, Pinterest is a helpful tool that democratizes the design process and helps further evolve initial ideas. 

Just like typical bulletin boards, Pinterest allows you to share your clippings from the web while its intuitive interface automatically suggests ideas related to your pinned images. Despite the ability of the platform to curate pins related to your project, redundant entries become inevitable as people pin the same things.  Overwhelming to navigate at times, Pinterest can also pull you into a rabbit hole of endless scrolling and never-ending options. That is why having a go-to list of Pinterest accounts that you can tap for inspiration is important especially if you are looking to deliver project concepts quickly. Here are our favorites so far:  

Architectural Digest [🔗]

Needing no introduction, Architectural Digest is the foremost publication for international architecture and design. Founded in California in the 1920s, AD continues to document the most innovative homes and destinations around the globe.  Great for those who want to pin upcoming trends in international architecture, interior design, and lifestyle. Its 3.7M followers and 10 million steady viewers on Pinterest show that it continues to be a relevant resource today. 

Dwell [🔗]

Chronicling the ever-evolving landscape of residential design and architecture in the past 20 years, Dwell is an enduring publication that centers on finding humanistic, forward-looking, and optimistic projects that improve the way people live. With over 757k followers on Pinterest and roughly 10m monthly viewers, Dwell’s Pinterest account is perfect for those looking to explore fresh and progressive designs for residential architecture.  

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Architizer [🔗]

From material-forward projects to inspirational buildings around the globe, Architizer’s board is a one-stop shop for those interested in design trends and a great resource for everything architecture. Those looking for available jobs and material references can easily hop on to their website to check their archive for past projects and material details. Constantly featuring new design trends and materials around the globe, Architizer is a fantastic resource for those who like to keep tabs on developments in sustainable architecture and innovation. 

STIRWorld [🔗]

An internationally recognized publication centered around design and innovation, STIRWorld is a great reference for niche and upcoming projects around the world. From upcoming designers to avant-garde exhibitions, whether it is experimental art, built architecture, or product design, STIRWorld features everything that can potentially influence future design trends. 

Image 1: ROSA Pavilion by Pezo von Ellrichshausen is a 'found object, an obsolete sundial'

Image 2: Taking Control 4.0: ControlNet x ComfyUI in Architecture

Image 3: Plastique Fantastique: Dwelling in Bubbles | Yatzer

Parametric Architecture [🔗]

Featuring computational architecture and technological design innovation, organic lines, and mathematical iterations are the underlying themes of this Pinterest account. From organic silhouettes to soft lines reminiscent of Zaha Hadid’s work, emerging tech and digital design permutations are highlighted within their content.  An interesting account for those who are keen to develop futuristic architecture and follow parametric design trends. 

Yatzer [🔗]

Founded by Costas Voyatzis in 2007, Yatzer is an online destination for fresh, unique, and engaging content in architecture. A compendium of art, architecture, and lifestyle, their curated Pinterest board parallels the fashionable and tasteful layout of their website. Sophisticated design and niche travel destinations remain to be the central focus of the online publication. 

Image 1: Simple holiday decor

Image 2: A Stylish Office/Home Hybrid Space in Singapore

Never Too Small [🔗]

Compared to its sizeable following on YouTube (2.7M followers, 240M views) Never Too Small’s Pinterest account is a gold mine for ideas that you can use for your next project. A media company that documents small, minimalist, and interesting dwellings around the globe, Never Too Small documents how people can maximize the use of every inch of their space and still live well. Bringing insightful ideas like space-saving furniture to sustainable material use, Never Too Small features projects that address the merits and challenges of living in modern urban cities. 

Studio Nordhaven [🔗]

Showcasing Nordic style and design, Studio Nordhaven is an online interior design studio and lifestyle shop for calm, muted, and modern décors. A great resource if you are looking to add some details and accents with a touch of hygge into your space. Navigate their site for inspiration or jump on their Pinterest board (234.7k followers, 1.5 monthly views) and find items you can use as a reference or a specification material for your next interior renovation project. 

Cereal [🔗]

A biannual publication for design and lifestyle enthusiasts, Cereal Magazine is a travel and lifestyle journal popular for its exclusive content, streamlined layout, and pared-down aesthetics. Conversations with artists, architects, and creative folk serve as the highlight of the publication. With more than 160k followers and 8.2k monthly viewers on Pinterest, their account is perfect for designers who are fond of contemporary minimalist spaces. 

Divisare [🔗]

Divisare’s Pinterest account is a valuable resource for those who need snippets of contemporary projects down to its interiors. Acclaimed as “The Web Atlas of Contemporary Architecture since 1998”, past projects to future design trends in contemporary architecture are featured here. From topics, and ideas, to building types and elements, Divisare has a repository of past projects featured in their Pinterest account. Beyond the beautiful pinned images on their board, Divisare also has a comprehensive website that can give detailed insight into each project. 

Dezeen [🔗]

An online design publication popular among the architecture and interior design crowd, Dezeen offers valuable news and information on design trends, products, and even art exhibitions. Positioning itself as an authority in contemporary architecture and design, its Pinterest board has a collection of works covering specific topics from 3D printing and rammed earth architecture, as well as a decent collection of pins dedicated to architecture and even design for pets. [🔗]

 A useful companion for professionals interested in international practices in architectural design and detailing, this subscription-based journal features distinct projects from around the globe. Their Pinterest board has a good selection of projects that celebrate materiality in architecture from steel and concrete structures to designs that use wood and pre-fabricated construction. Alternatively, a good resource for architectural detailing can be found here.

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Remodelista [🔗]

Remodelista is an online design blog that has been around the internet forever. With tons of design tips that help in DIY projects, it is a handy resource for those looking to jumpstart inspiration in their work. Dedicated to the art of remodeling and design, Remodelista is popular among interior designers and renovators with its Pinterest account garnering 10M+ viewers monthly and having 1.1M followers to date.   

30x40 Design Workshop [🔗]

Popular for his YouTube channel under the same name, Eric Reinholdt is an architect who builds modernist, site-specific, and simple homes. Documenting his process from Mount Desert Island and sharing tips and tricks online, his account is brimming with tutorials ranging from design to the details and technicalities of woodwork construction. Infographics, design toolkits, and insight into the business realities of running an architectural studio can be found on his Pinterest board.

Architonic [🔗]

Dubbed as a research tool for architectural-related materials and objects, Architonic’s Pinterest account boasts a great mix of products, design ideas, and experimental art exhibitions.  Focused on providing the best of today’s design and architecture, Architonic is the perfect online destination for design-savvy DIY-ers, professionals, and enthusiasts. With around 400,000 products from architectural and construction material suppliers in its database, it is an ideal one-stop shop for artists and architects alike. That is why it is unsurprising that Architonic has a substantial following of 738,000 followers on Pinterest and over 10M monthly viewers. 

Pin this: Manchester Building by 

Pinterest is flooded with a never-ending supply of ever-changing ideas, content, and visuals. From architecture to interior design, to art and lifestyle, Pinterest has become an essential platform for clients to elucidate their wants and for designers to expound their visions. However, despite the advantages that Pinterest can offer, AI image production and redundant images make it challenging to find reliable samples and authentic projects. Although AI can help fuel creativity and interpret concepts, it can also mislead and disappoint clients when it comes to realizing the practicality and feasibility of these ideas. Thanks to online publications, designers can easily cross-check the authenticity of the images and the accuracy of their concepts.  

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