April 1, 2021

April 1, 2021

April 1, 2021

Guide to Enhance Workflow in Photoshop

Guide to Enhance Workflow in Photoshop

Guide to Enhance Workflow in Photoshop




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In the three decades since its release, Adobe Photoshop has become a staple of the design world. The creative and editing power of the software has changed entire creative industries. Photoshop editing is commonly used in creative fields such as photography and digital media, but it’s also used in videography, video production, video editing, and visual productions of all sizes.

Whether you are an experienced Photoshop pro or a beginner, there are always ways to make your workflow easier and make editing in Photoshop faster and more convenient.

Here are 10 quick tips, hacks, and Photoshop shortcuts to make your efforts easier.

1. Use Double Windows to See the Same Image at Different Zoom Levels

Using double windows will allow you to see the same image side-by-side but at different zoom levels. No more zooming in and out repeatedly while photo editing.

Go to Window > Arrange > New Window for [File Name]. Then go to Window > Arrange > 2-Up Vertical.

2. Quickly Change the Ruler’s Measurement

You can easily switch between the ruler’s unit of measurement using a shortcut.

Hover over a ruler with your cursor and then right-click. From there you can choose a new unit of measurement.

3. Quickly Hide or Show All Layers Other Than the Selected One

You can quickly hide or show all layers other than the currently selected one. Hold Alt and click the eye icon in the layers palette.

4. Increase Or Decrease Brush Size With This Shortcut

You can easily increase or decrease the brush size using the bracket keys.

The left bracket will decrease brush size and the right bracket will increase brush size.

5. Use Metadata to Give Your Images a Digital Copyright

Not all Photoshop tips are obvious. This one is more subtle and involves protecting your work by stamping it with digital copyright. You can embed the copyright details for a photo of yours directly into the image’s metadata.

This is an easy way to protect your images. Simply use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I or go to File Info under File. Click the description tab and enter your copyright info.

6. Use the Bird’s Eye View

When zoomed in on a photo, you can zoom out, move to a different part of the image, and then zoom in again using the bird’s eye view. Hold down the H key, then click and drag to a new area of the image.

This saves you time from zooming in and out repeatedly when working on different areas of the same image.

7. Close All Open Images

Tired of manually closing multiple image windows?

You can save time by pressing Shift and clicking on any image’s window close icon to close all windows at once.

8. Change Layer Opacity Instantly

If you are not using the paint tool and need to change the opacity of a layer, you can use the number keys to quickly change it. The 0 key will change the opacity to 100%, 1 will change the opacity to 10%, 2 to 20%, and so on.

For more precision, quickly press two buttons in a row for example 7 and 5 to get 75% opacity.

9. Preview Brush Settings

Did you know you can preview a brush’s hardness and tip size? Hold down Alt and the right mouse button. You can adjust the hardness by dragging up or down.

You can change the brush tip size by dragging left or right.

10. Quick Cycle Through Brushes

In the brush preset picker, use the , and . to cycle through various brushes, instead of manually picking each brush.

Ready to Put Those Photoshop Shortcuts to Use?

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