April 19, 2021

April 19, 2021

April 19, 2021

Playing Games on Vagon computers with Parsec

Playing Games on Vagon computers with Parsec

Playing Games on Vagon computers with Parsec




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At Vagon, we’ve been getting a lot of attention from gamers since we’ve launched. At first, we’ve always focused on the needs of creatives, and we hadn’t placed a focus on cloud gaming just yet.

However, some of our users figured out ways to leverage Vagon infrastructure for cloud gaming and were nice enough to let us know. So, starting now, we decided to provide gaming support with an additional piece of software called Parsec.

Now, you can play games on a 16GB NVIDIA GPU inside Vagon computers, and change the performance of your computer anytime according to your gaming needs.

We will be here to support the gaming community as much as we can, your feedback and support are very important for us as well.

You can find a mini-guide below to learn how to run your Vagon computer with Parsec and play games on it.

It’s an initial version of Vagon Gaming, we look forward to adding some new features geared towards gamers as well… Stay tuned!

Before moving forward with the guide, don’t forget to create your Vagon computer first. Let’s dive in:

1. Run your Vagon Computer

Go to your Vagon dashboard, choose the performance you would like to use with your computer and start your Vagon computer. Don’t forget that you can switch between performance options anytime you need. Just turn off your Vagon, choose a different option and run it again. All your files, games and preferences will be kept the same.

2. Install Parsec in Vagon

After running your Vagon, connect to it when it’s ready. Then download Parsec Client from inside your Vagon computer, and install it there.

3. Login Parsec from Vagon

Login to your Parsec account inside of your Vagon computer. After successfully activating your Parsec account, you will see your Vagon computer as listed in the device list.

4. Update your Vagon settings

Go to the dock menu, you can find on the right side of your Vagon computer and set your Run in Background settings to Always On to disable the auto-turn off feature to prevent your computer from shutting down while you are using it via Parsec.

5. Get your Vagon Computer Credentials

Open a Notepad inside of your Vagon computer, and click the Enter Password button while your text cursor is focused on the Notepad to reveal the Windows login password of your Vagon computer. Note this password, you will use it when you connect to your Vagon via Parsec.

6. Login Parsec from the Local Device

Go to your local device/computer and log in to your Parsec account from there. Once you log in to your Parsec account, your Vagon computer will show up in the device list.

7. Connect Vagon with Parsec

Connect to your Vagon computer from the device list in the Parsec app. Once you connect your Vagon computer, you will see the Windows login screen. Click on the CTRL + ALT + DEL by using the Parsec access menu, and type your Vagon computer login password as a computer login password.

PS: If the Copy / Paste does not work on this page, use your keyboard to type your Vagon computer password.

8. Bom! You are in!

Now you can use your Vagon computer with Parsec, change your computer performance according to your needs and run your games on Vagon.

Don’t forget to share your feedback and feature request with us and stay tuned for more news from Vagon.

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