August 18, 2021

August 18, 2021

August 18, 2021

Get Hired: 10 Ways to Get Your Video Portfolio Noticed

Get Hired: 10 Ways to Get Your Video Portfolio Noticed

Get Hired: 10 Ways to Get Your Video Portfolio Noticed




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Video production can be a tough business to break into, but a good videography portfolio can make a huge difference.

When you share the right videos with the right video producer, your work can be noticed and you raise your chances of landing that next gig.

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Additionally, you can check out our general guide for freelancers on our post 10 Quick Tips for Expanding Your Reach as a Freelancer. Here you will find some overlap in suggestions, but generally this is a great place to start for starting your freelance business, prior to getting started with video production specifically.

Make sure your video editing and production skills stand out above the rest. Here are ten ways to get your video portfolio noticed:

1. Create A Website

Believe it or not, websites aren’t dead! One of the best ways to get your videography skills noticed is with your own website. On a website, you have total control over the presentation of your videography portfolio. Upload your best stuff and make it easy to find and view. With a little promotion, you can get hiring managers visiting your site regularly to see what you can do.

Best of all, nowadays creating your own website doesn’t require any coding experience or technical know-how. There are many websites out there that offer easy website setup in just a few clicks.

Check out this article from the muse to see a few good options worth considering.

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2. Create A YouTube Channel

YouTube is the go-to platform for everything video related. Put the best of your work on YouTube and your work will be available to a massive audience. Be sure to add video tags like video production, video editing, or video producer to your videos so those who are searching for talent can easily spot your work.

The key to building up your audience on YouTube is by simply creating good quality content on a consistent basis. Once you have a steady stream of video content being uploaded, consider cross-promoting this on other social media channels to further boost your reach.

For other great YouTube tips, be sure to check out this guide from unamo, covering 21 tips to boost your views on YouTube.

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3. Create Social Media Pages

Everybody has social media pages these days, so why not you? Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn make it easy to connect with others, showcase your work, and contact potential clients. Use these platforms and others to share your work and quickly respond to those who need a video producer or video editor.

Two channels that are especially worth considering are TikTok and Instagram Reels. TikTok is set up by opening viewers directly to a discover page, which optimizes views based on interest allowing video producers to get huge traction and reach. Instagram Reels is basically a carbon copy of this setup, added into the Instagram app. You can cross post content so be sure to utilize both options!

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4. Organize Your Work Into Categories

Every company that’s looking to hire a full-time or freelance videographer or video editor will have different needs.

Don’t make them dig around to find your animation work or your special effects samples when you can group these aspects together in their own areas. If you have the ability to categorize them based on subject matter, do so in order to make them easier to view.

Pro tip: You can put any given video clip into several categories if it showcases multiple skills.

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5. Learn A New Skill

Growing your skillset is always a good idea, no matter your field. Learn a new trick and employ it in your next project, then share the video online. You’ll have more knowledge about video editing and you’ll have an extra sample in your videography portfolio.

With a variety of video production topics largely under $20, Udemy is a great place to learn more in the industry. Here you can find hours of great video production content to learn from for a decent price. The more relevant skills that you obtain, the more valuable your work will be to potential clients.

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6. Produce Something Different

As a freelance videographer, you’ve likely seen other people’s reels and you’ve likely seen a lot of similar work. If you want to stand out, be different. Create unique pieces that display your personality and interests. When your videography reel looks different, you’re more likely to get results.

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7. Publish A Monthly Newsletter

People like to receive updates from family and friends about their life. Sending a monthly email to anyone who signs up is a great way to get noticed. Even if many people who sign up don’t immediately need a freelance videographer, they may need one in the future, or they may connect you with someone.

Not to mention a newsletter is a direct channel to your clients. It’s a platform that you control, allowing you to tap into your network with no strings attached. Other platforms make you struggle with hacking the algorithms, while a newsletter lets you avoid this completely.

If you are looking for easy tools to get started, be sure to check out this list of newsletter tools from Creative Bloq.

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8. Network In Real Life

Meeting people is vitally important when searching for work. People like to work with those they already know. Attending networking events can be a great way to find a job in videography. Don’t just go to video production events, either. Be sure to meet actors, writers, and all types of stakeholders who may need video production services.

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9. Volunteer

Get involved in your community by offering your video editing skills to others. There are all kinds of organizations that rely on video to get their message out there, and you could help them achieve their goals. These projects look great on a resume and will add great content to your reel.

Additionally, depending on the project, this could gain valuable traction and exposure for finding other potential clients.

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10. Update Your Portfolio Regularly

Never forget to always get better at what you do. Adding new content to your portfolio keeps your skills fresh. It also helps get your portfolio noticed by the search engines. The more often you can add something new, the better.

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