July 22, 2023

July 22, 2023

July 22, 2023

Tools for Effective Team Management

Tools for Effective Team Management

Tools for Effective Team Management




Being part of the management team, tackling the dynamics of teamwork, and creating synergy has been quite a challenge. The popular saying goes: one person never does great things in business; they are executed by a team of people and a mix of talent, skill, and passion. This team could work on-site or remotely.

Remote work allows you to hire experts from all around the world, removing the location barrier. However, despite the advantages of working remotely, some businesses have had to close down due to a lack of accountability and productivity among team members. To combat ineffectiveness, managers will move to attain results as efficiently as possible. Out of the many remote work tools, let’s look at some of the best management tools for remote teams.

Better Communication with Slack

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.

Did you know that effective teamwork begins and ends with communication? With the teams spread out and working remotely, Slack has become the must-have tool to ensure working as a team. Collaboration has become simplified while engaging with options of creating groups and spaces. Sharing thoughts and asking for feedback has never been easier. Moreover, you can also snooze your availability if you require some personal time to focus on your work.

  • Real-time updates on data

  • Support Multiple Accounts

  • Integration with other services

Trello for Project Management

Effective teamwork begins and ends with good project management.

The rise in remote companies has made teamwork across borders a norm. Communication issues are bound to occur especially when the teams are not together in a room. Trello is a tool that aims to solve communication problems. This tool stands out for its simplicity. Its simple interface makes it the best option for a smaller team with less technical activities. You can plan and schedule tasks using the Kanban board system. It even gets better as you can organize tasks into to-do, doing, and done categories. Trello also has a collaboration tool that allows easy communication and file sharing among team members. In addition, you can incorporate other apps like Slack and Google Drive for better productivity. Most freelancers utilize Trello to organize activities between their employees and employers.

  • Flexibility

  • Useful in different project genres

ProofHub for Efficient Project Management

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.

Managing the project properly without compromising the quality of the outcome is one of the requirements in a team. ProofHub is one of the efficient team tools that can help the team to come together and plan for the project. Multiple projects can come with multiple confusions and complications. ProofHub can help you seamlessly juggle between different tasks by giving you a clear view of the progress of every project.

  • All-in-one solution

  • Gives control over the projects

  • Tracks and manages time

  • Manages tasks and online proofing

Asana for Smart Collaboration

Effectively, change is only possible with collaboration, cooperation, and consensus.

To produce maximum results, a team pools intentional input from each team member. Each member organizes, plans, executes tasks, and collaborates with the team. Asana is a remote tool that makes organizing, planning, executing, and collaborating possible in one platform. Team members can share files, comments, and notes on each other’s work. This way, accountability is possible, as team members monitor deadlines. Asana also features a calendar section that allows you to view all your pending tasks. Despite these steamy features, Asana has a few limitations that make them less preferable. The recently launched mobile app is less user-friendly and efficient than the web version. Also, assigning the same task to several users is not possible.

  • Multiple project views

  • Process management automation

  • Schedule and prioritize tasks with a specialized calendar

Never Miss a Point with Evernote

You retain 20% of what you see, 30% of what you hear, and 50% of what you see and hear.

Did you know you tend to forget 70% of what you hear if you do not take notes? People tend to write important notes with pen and paper to retain information. You could misplace such paper. This is why you need an app like Evernote. Evernote helps you save information by creating interactive notes. It uses text, images, audio, scans, PDFs, and other documents. You can organize your notes and to-dos with this remote tool. It also allows you to sync with the calendar for setting deadlines and reminders. While Evernote benefits a team member for project management, it does not allow collaboration. It also does not have advanced project management capabilities.

  • Take notes in an interactive way

  • Set reminders and track deadlines

  • Quickly find notes with advanced search options

Process Street to Manage Business Systems

A well-designed checklist can always improve outcomes no matter the number of experts.

The simplest way to manage repetitive work in your team, Process Street, brings you an intelligent way of managing recurring checklists and procedures. A proven methodology to improve workflow, this tool helps you create a workflow, run multiple instances, and track the progress with seamless collaboration with the team. Minimize errors without missing out on any task with comprehensive documentation.

  • Constant email updates

  • Documents entire process

  • Discard repeating errors

Productivity with EmailAnalytics

Emails provide a fantastic communication opportunity with the audience.

Statistics show that about 40% of email users have not less than 50 unread messages in their inboxes. Many teams use email as a marketing strategy. However, if not monitored, it can yield no result. EmailAnalytics allows monitoring of a team’s email activity, checking parameters like the number of emails sent and received and average email response time. It provides useful information such as daily, weekly, and monthly email reports for team managers. They compare a team’s data to other teams and suggest what is important. The tool is user-friendly and allows collaboration among team members. It’s a must-have for any remote team that uses email.

  • Email Monitoring

  • Team Management

  • Reporting/Analytics

Todoist to Monitor The Tasks

The to-do list may seem too simplistic, but it helps fill the gaps in our brains and between our brains.

Sometimes, all you need to do to improve effective team management is to free up your mental space. It’s incredible how clarity can get more done than anything else. A trustworthy task manager, the Todoist tool gets the job done with a touch of inner peace. Apart from assigning and managing tasks effectively, it helps highlight pending tasks and streamline the entire process for effective team management.

  • Drop comments on tasks

  • Colored graphic data

  • Schedule tasks through email

  • Real-time alert on tasks

Track Your Time with Time Doctor

Success is the result of the quality of time invested, not the amount of time.

When you do not understand how you have spent the day, you are not likely to be able to measure it, yes? Time Doctor is the perfect tool that helps track time and provides productivity insights for effective team management. By making every second count, the time spent on the task yields results and improves overall performance. As an employee-friendly tool, it effortlessly helps teamwork by clarifying where more time is needed.

  • Track employee location

  • Notifies non-working hours

  • Detailed reports on the time spent on every task

Automated Time Tracking in Timely

Time is the scarcest resource, and nothing else can be managed unless it is managed.

A software that is cooler than the time doctor is Timely. Timely is automated tracking software that uses AI to track the time while you work. If you need help with calculating your billable hours, Timely will help you with that. The software allows you to monitor real work time and review missing hours. Real-time dashboards are available to keep a record of team workloads. Timely rakes a 4.7-star review from over 600 users around the world.

  • Intuitive Interface

  • Customization

Hypercontext for Powerful Performance

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

Performing and producing good results amidst a hectic schedule is possible with the efficient Hypercontext tool. In terms of meeting the deadlines and monitoring the workflow, the tool plays a vital role and ensures that everything is right on track. It highlights the previous agenda that helps in looking through the uncovered areas. Moreover, Hypercontext offers various features that allow you to collaborate with multiple teams and work effectively together.

  • Sends automated meeting records

  • Provides a library of resources

  • Combines the meeting agenda

Track Expenses with Airtable

The more a business knows about its expenses, the more powerful it becomes.

When teams begin to monitor their expenses, they can maintain cash flow while improving profit. Airtable offers a simple spreadsheet tool for remote work. It has templates that can be tailored to specific projects or workflows.

You can customize various templates not limited to track incomes, expenses, invoices, and profits in remote work. If the e-commerce giant Shopify uses this tool, you can too. Working with external auditors is easier with Airtable. You can collaborate with external individuals without exposing your entire teamwork.

  • Functional Templates

  • Built-in Automation and Integration

Vagon Teams for Remote Desktops

For those working with computers and facing challenges in getting things done, then Vagon is the right option to to utilize remote working .

The tool offers comprehensive remote desktop that can help teams to work on cloud desktops without hardware limitations. Moreover, with Vagon teams, you can transform any device into a performance workstation which can be used from anywhere.

The tool provides exclusive application designed to work on heavy tasks suchs as 3D animations, video creations, CAD, and architectural designing with RTX enabled performance options and creative focused interactive desktop streaming technology. The supercomputers enable you to speed up your system, thereby giving a seamless working experience.

  • Automatic Application Installation

  • Integrated File System

  • RTX enabled GPU installed Performance Options

  • Team Management Dashboard for Admins

Productivity is Achievable with the Right Tools

Remote teamwork brings an enormous responsibility on the organization and the managers to attain productivity effectively from different locations. It might seem a little hectic to handle initially, but with the right tools, everything can be smoothly processed

With these tools, be sure to boost productivity from wherever it is right now to the maximum. We have brought together user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and helpful collaboration tools just for your team. So go ahead and check them out.

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