November 6, 2021

November 6, 2021

November 6, 2021

Top 5 Tutorials for Learning ZBrush

Top 5 Tutorials for Learning ZBrush

Top 5 Tutorials for Learning ZBrush




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What is ZBrush?

ZBrush is one of the leading tools for creating and sculpting 3D-models in high resolution. Developed by Pixologic, Inc., the software allows users to develop models with expanded freedom and at faster speeds than other 3D modeling softwares such as Maya or 3ds Max.

Similar to working with clay in ceramics, users in ZBrush are able to sculpt their creations into the forms they are seeking, morphing the mold via alterations with various tools. Working with ZBrush is directly related to artistry, not just about understanding the software, but the artistic components behind bringing a creation to life.

The extra appeal that ZBrush provides comes from the ability to alter forms and models in extreme detail, even up to for example the pores of a given character. This is a feature that is harder to find in other 3D modeling softwares.

Using ZBrush to model also tends to have quite a few nuances that are a bit different from other softwares like Maya and Blender, including different creation setup with the use of a sculpting tablet rather than a traditional mouse, or for example the way that files are saved.

If you are starting out with ZBrush for the first time, looking to learn more, or somewhere at an intermediate level, we’ve compiled a list of our community’s favorite tutorials in ZBrush for your reference. Check these out in the list below!

FlippedNormals 🔗

Also mentioned in our post Top Tutorials for Learning Autodesk Maya, FlippedNormals is a go-to spot on YouTube for learning a variety of different 3D Modeling topics and softwares. With over 235K Subscribers to their channel, the value here is the consistency and quality of videos created by the hosts Henning Sanden and Morten Jaeger.

Specific to ZBrush, you’ll definitely want to check out their playlist ZBrush Tutorials, which hosts over 97 videos with content ranging from sculpting techniques and feature tool walkthroughs, to exporting works from ZBrush into Blender. Whether you are a beginner or more intermediate in ZBrush, this channel hosts content that is sure to bring your skills to the next level.

MicroCAD 🔗

A bit lesser known on YouTube, MicroCAD has a particularly great set of tutorials to get beginners all the way up to an intermediate level fairly quickly.

This channel is entirely dedicated to all things ZBrush, and underneath the playlists section, viewers will find an incredible tutorial set with over 157 videos covering all necessary topics in a series of example projects. With this tutorial playlist, you’re essentially getting an entire ZBrush tutorial course for free!

Gatz 3D 🔗

Another source dedicated to all content related to ZBrush, the Gatz 3D channel is meant to provide users with a broad spectrum of skills to take 3D art to the next level. Working with ZBrush to create a variety of 3D models, characters, and assets for games and 3D animation, users can learn from any stage of skill level, from beginner to more advanced.

In addition to tutorial playlists, here viewers can find videos such as project updates and specific project examples. Ranging from useful resources and tutorials to ZBrush and community news, this is a channel worth checking out for anyone working in the software.

M3DM 🔗

Hosted by Mia, M3DM is a channel that focuses on ZBrush and 3D sculpting with a variety of video contents centered around not only character design, but also 3D printing as well. Rather than just tutorials of instruction, M3DM hosts ZBrush live streams, providing a more interactive series of sessions with viewers on the channel.

Wekster’s Geeky Stuff 🔗

As a channel reflecting all things 3D printing and 3D modeling, Wekster’s Geeky Stuff hosts a small selection of tutorials for those just starting out, along with ZBrush related content posted on a regular basis. Here users can find instructional videos on specific tools in the software along with techniques for ZBrush sculpting.

If you are looking for a decent ZBrush channel that gives new perspectives in the software along with news, this is definitely one to subscribe to!

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