July 19, 2020

July 19, 2020

July 19, 2020

Top Communities for CAD Engineers and Creators

Top Communities for CAD Engineers and Creators

Top Communities for CAD Engineers and Creators




Learning CAD opens up opportunities to bring your ideas to life and easily modify designs to suit your needs. Whether you are intermediate, beginner, or pro, any CAD designer needs good resources to share, learn, and communicate with their fellow CAD community.

As creators in the field ourselves, vagon team has put together our best suggestions for CAD communities to bolster your growth and collaboration with CAD.

1. GrabCAD 🔗

As the largest online community for CAD designers, grabCAD hosts over 7 million users with open exchange of CAD files, resources and tutorials for creating different parts and assemblies, and online competitions hosted by various companies and organizations.

Social in nature, users are encouraged to share their work and exchange ideas with the community that exists within the platform. With a variety of different discussion groups, CAD designers can customize their experience on the site to suit the interests of their creations. Interested in robotics? There’s a group for that! What about Automotive? There’s also a group for that! You can even join groups based on the country that you’re living in or interested in following. In addition to all of the discussion based collaboration, a question and answer page also exists to help users understand any roadblocks that can come in the way while working with CAD software.

grabCAD is not only a tool to create, it’s also an opportunity to collaborate and grow!

2. 3D CAD Browser 🔗

If you are looking more for free downloads and CAD resources, and less social aspects as previous communities, 3D CAD Browser is the place to go! Here you can find 3D models for download in a variety of different topics; from vehicles and aircraft to architecture and electronics.

Check out the 3D model of Manhattan by Andrew Lock!

When registering with 3D CAD Browser, there are an assortment of free 3D models available for download. It is worth noting; however, that to obtain certain, more advanced models, you either have to pay for an account or upload models and have them downloaded from other users.

3. AUGI 🔗

As the largest CAD and BIM community, AUGI provides members with educational programs and information, improving experience with CAD design software among users. As a community of over 400,000 members, AUGI gives the feedback and experiences received from the community to the CAD development industry to further enhance CAD design software products.

Unlike previous recommendations in this post, AUGI acts more as a knowledge bank, rather than a place to download models and assemblies. Users can keep up to date with the latest trends, news, articles, publications, and Q&A forums that exist within the industry.

Joining the community is easy and free as well! Providing access to learning resources, forums, and other useful tools. More advanced options are also available between the price range of $2-10 per month.

4. The AutoCAD Blog 🔗

Specific to AutoCAD, the AutoCAD Blog is the go-to hub for learning different methods and tools in the software. From information on dimensioning to attribute extraction, and tips for creating better centerlines and center marks, this blog is essential for any user getting started with AutoCAD for the first time.

Check out the post shared by AutoCAD which is describing methods for rotating and scaling objects!

5. Reddit - r/CAD 🔗

One of the best communities to utilize and follow is the CAD subreddit. Here you can find numerous accounts posting and sharing ideas and information related to CAD. The spaces acts mostly as a Q&A forum, providing advice and troubleshooting, but also interesting memes that only those in the CAD community would understand!

With the ability to obtain an account for free, this space is probably the easiest and most dynamic way to get involved with the online CAD community.

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