June 18, 2024

June 18, 2024

June 18, 2024

Top Mistakes Unreal Engine Beginners Make

Top Mistakes Unreal Engine Beginners Make

Top Mistakes Unreal Engine Beginners Make




Unreal Engine is the leading game development tool with advanced graphics capabilities and an extensive feature set. Many next-generation games like Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate, Gears of War 6, Tomb Raider, and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 were developed using an unreal engine. It is many developers' favorite, with support for immersive 3D worlds and complex gameplay mechanics.

If you are just starting with Unreal Engine, you need to go through a series of training. A part of this training is understanding common unreal engine errors you can make. By recognizing pitfalls early on, you can refine their techniques, you can be more creative and efficient with game development. As you read, you will discover some of the mistakes that beginners make, and learn to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Underestimating the Learning Curve

The first mistake many beginners make is that they fail to understand the complexity of the Unreal Engine. UE is a complex 3D tool with a steep learning curve. You may require months of training before you become a pro in the use of UE. 

Avoiding the Learning Curve Problem 

As a beginner, get familiar with Unreal Engine’s comprehensive feature set. Understand the different UE features that you can use for the development of high-quality games with cinematic experiences across PC, console, mobile, VR, and AR.

Next, take the basic tutorials patiently. The basic tutorials cover fundamental concepts and workflows building the necessary understanding. Over time, you can move from basic projects to advanced projects. Unreal Engine provides learning resources via free online courses from beginner to advanced levels. Tutorials like how to develop Your First Game In Unreal Engine 5 are available on their website. You can also check out their YouTube Channel for official tutorials, live streams, and user-submitted content

Then, engage the unreal engine documentation. Many beginners make the mistake of overlooking documentation whereas, this documentation helps you understand how to use the different UE resources. The official documentation ensures that you are learning the correct practices and current features. Documentation often includes examples and sample projects that demonstrate the practical application of concepts, from installation and set up to actual game development. 

Mistake 2: Inefficient Use of Blueprints

Learning Unreal Engine 5 is now easy for beginners with the Blueprints Visual Scripting system. You can create entire games without writing any code. 

Not Taking the Tutorial 

The first error to avoid is not taking the tutorial. The Unreal Engine 5 Blueprint tutorial covers several points, including:

  • Installing the engine.

  • Importing assets.

  • Creating materials.

  • Using Blueprints to create objects with basic functionality.

Follow each tutorial to avoid errors when using blueprints.

Overusing Blueprints 

The next error to avoid is overusing Blueprints. Overusing Blueprints in Unreal Engine can lead to performance and maintenance issues. It is crucial that you know when and when not to use Blueprints. While Blueprints are great for quickly implementing gameplay mechanics, they can become inefficient for complex systems tasks. For high-performance tasks, you can use C++. Use Blueprints for high-level logic tasks and C++ for low-level, performance-intensive tasks.

Blueprint Performance Errors

Blueprint can encounter errors that affect performance and productivity. The errors could be incorrect node connections, incorrect function calls, or missing or incorrect variable types. The incorrect node connections occur when nodes in your blueprint are connected wrongly to input or output pins. You can fix it by reviewing your blueprint to check for missing or incorrect node connections. 

Mistake 3: Ignoring Performance Optimization

Beginners often ignore the importance of optimizing performance with UE. Poor optimization will lead to a range of problems, from slow frame rates, lag issues, poor player experiences, and frequent crashes. These techniques are geared towards effective optimization to ensure smooth game function across different hardware configurations.

  • Optimize mesh and texture asset

  • Effective Rendering with the use of Level of Detail(LOD)

  • Code Optimization 

  • Memory Optimisation 

  • Physics and Collision Optimisation 

  • Optimize Blueprints

Remember to utilize the profiler to identify performance bottlenecks in your game. You can optimize the blueprint to avoid blueprint performance errors. Function optimization allows you to break down complex Blueprint nodes into smaller functions. Also, ensure the efficient use of the Tick function by running it only when needed. 

Mistake 4: Creating an Unrealistic Project Scope 

As a beginner, you do not need to start with large projects. After taking the basic training, start with a smaller project like developing a puzzle or brick game. Then, figure out which Unreal Engine features you need for the project. This helps to plan properly and decide if you need additional resources.

  • Mirror Your Plan: Have a goal and plan what you want to do. Then you'll be able to get the right features it 

  • Create Your Project: Open a folder and move files.

  • Save your progress: Save your progress following each step. If you are in a team, carry your team members along. 

Mistake 5: Ignoring Community Resources

Some beginners think they do not need the community hence they ignore it. This is a mistake you should avoid. The UE community helps by answering some of your questions, enhancing your skills, keeping you up-to-date with industry trends, and receiving invaluable feedback. 

Here are some of the community resources you can access.

  • Unreal Engine official forum where users ask questions, share development work, and get feedback from the community.

  • Unreal Engine AnswerHub where you can ask specific questions and get answers from the community and Epic Games staff.

  • Unreal Slackers Discord community where you can chat with other developers and join interest-specific channels.

  • Unreal Engine subreddit and GitHub where users share projects, and tutorials, and ask for advice on new projects like implementing VR in game development.

  • YouTube Channels by creators with high-quality tutorials and tips for Unreal Engine. 

Mistake 6: Not Testing Regularly

Regular testing is important with an unreal engine. It helps to ensure that your game performance remains acceptable across different system configurations. You may need to run multiple instances of your project, the different functionality present on your end and on the client’s end, and the general unreliability that comes with networked communication.

Methods for Systematic Testing

  • Testing in the Editor:The editor provides various options for running multiple project instances to simulate multiplayer environments.

  • Network Emulation Settings: It’s crucial to simulate real network conditions like lag and packet loss to identify potential issues.

  • Troubleshooting Connection Issues: Test for common issues include timeout, network adapter conflicts, port binding, version mismatches, and NetDriver compatibility.

  • Functional testing: You also want to test the multiplayer environments, by customization for server-client interactions.

  • Logs: Examine client and server logs. This will help in diagnosing network issues.

Utilizing User Feedback

User feedback goes a long way in assessing your game functionality. You can get used feedback via In-Game Surveys. You can have noninvasive surveys within the game to collect player opinions on specific features or recent changes. Also, you can have post-session surveys. After play sessions, send surveys to players to gather detailed feedback on their experiences. After launch, continually gather and act on feedback with regular user Surveys and feedback forms.


Starting with Unreal Engine can be daunting, and beginners often make common mistakes that can slow their progress. Learn about these top mistakes and how to avoid them to ensure a smoother learning curve and more successful projects.

As new updates keep rolling in, the Unreal Engine requires continuous learning. If professionals still learn, then beginners also need to learn. These Unreal Engine tips for beginners will help you avoid some of these common mistakes in Unreal Engine development. Make use of official documentation, tutorials, and community forums to enhance your understanding. These resources are there to help you create exceptional projects and grow as a developer. So, leverage these resources and maintain a proactive learning attitude in your unreal engine journey.

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