May 16, 2021

May 16, 2021

May 16, 2021

Top Tutorials for CyberLink PowerDirector

Top Tutorials for CyberLink PowerDirector

Top Tutorials for CyberLink PowerDirector




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Video media is increasingly becoming part of our daily lives with the explosion of smartphone capabilities, trending social media avenues like TikTok and Instagram reels, and the easy accessibility individuals have to great cameras. Despite this growing use of the medium, the quality of video production is what sets apart the professionals from the rest.

If you are working in the video production industry or simply creating for hobby, finding the right video production software can be a decision based on many different factors such as compatibility, system requirements, price, and other pros and cons. One really viable option for consideration is Cyberlink PowerDirector.

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Known for being a Windows-only software that is easy to use for creators of varying experience, PowerDirector includes a multitude of advanced features, built-in effects, and templates, allowing for creation of up to 4K resolution.

PowerDirector has a low price of 19.99 € /month and requires a system of 6GB of RAM, and 7GB available disk space. If you are looking for something mobile, you can also find PowerDirector available in the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android.

If you are operating out of macOS, it is also possible to use Vagon as a remote Windows desktop on the cloud to run Windows-only applications. Check out our step-by-step guide for macOS Autodesk Revit users to find a similar solution to this issue.

Once you’ve downloaded the software, it can be quite a challenge to find the right resources to learn the ins and outs of the creation process in PowerDirector. To meet this challenge, Vagon team has compiled a small list of the top YouTube channels for learning PowerDirector. Check out our suggestions below!

CyberLinkChannel 🔗

When looking for resources to get oriented in the software, the fundamental choice is the selection of PowerDirector playlists directly from the CyberLink YouTube channel. Within their extensive list of playlists you can find two in particular that are great for beginners just starting out.

The Get Started with PowerDirector playlist contains all of the basic videos to understand the tools and features in the software, while the PowerDirector How to tutorial videos contains content more specific to video production outcomes like creating slow motion videos, creating video collages, and chroma key compositing, to name just a few.

In addition to the tutorial playlists, you can also find other interesting PowerDirector playlists exposing demos, video showcases, and user-submitted content.

PowerDirector Video Editor - CyberLink 🔗

If you are looking for more resources on the intricate details of the software with the same prestige and grounded understanding as the CyberLink channel, you’re in luck. The PowerDirector Video Editor - CyberLink YouTube Channel is also from the makers of the software, but showcases everything dedicated to PowerDirector.

In addition to playlists like PowerDirector Tutorials for Windows PC with 70+ videos covering everything from creating custom backgrounds to using particle designer, here you can also find videos on product updates, explainer videos for the mobile apps, and even tips for getting influencer channels started.

With over 226K subscribers, this channel holds the authority on resourceful videos. You’re in good company here!

PowerDirector University 🔗

Moving away from the official channels and to PowerDirector professionals in the industry, PowerDirector University hosted by Shawn “Maliek” Whitaker, is another great resource for building your competency in the software.

Like the channels hosted by Cyberlink, PowerDirector University also hosts an array of playlists that take users through beginner all the way to intermediate and advanced content. Whitaker also provides quite a bit of content regarding his personal editing techniques, tips and tricks, and even has tutorials broken down by which version of the software you are using.

Whitaker holds an official CyberLink MVP and over 30 years of video experience and his channel tops out at over 110K subscribers. This is definitely a trusted source to learn the ins and outs of PowerDirector.

bai (Skills Factory) 🔗

Created in 2013 and hosted by a group of freelancers including video production, photo editing, and audio editing, bai AKA the Skills Factory, provides useful content such as tutorials, guides, and tips & tricks in a variety of different production softwares. Whether you’re working in Adobe, AutoCAD, or even Microsoft Excel, you can find great insight and understanding to create content or manage your workflow.

Specific to PowerDirector, you’ll find a few playlists here that are specific to the version you are working with. These videos are more tailored to users in the beginner stages of their creation process, but nonetheless provide another useful source for learning the software.

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