January 20, 2021

January 20, 2021

January 20, 2021

Top Tutorials for Learning AutoDesk Fusion 360

Top Tutorials for Learning AutoDesk Fusion 360

Top Tutorials for Learning AutoDesk Fusion 360




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If you are already working or just getting started in the product design and development industry, AutoDesk Fusion 360 is a must for bringing your ideas and projects to life.

As a cloud-based CAD/CAM tool designed for collaboration and team iteration, Fusion 360 allows users to utilize organic shapes modeling, mechanical design, and manufacturing all in one package.

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If you are interested in working with the software, you can find more information on the required computer specs and download the latest version from the official AutoDesk website here.

Once you have the software installed, the next step is to find great tools and resources to get started creating. It can be a bit overwhelming at times when you are just beginning your Fusion 360 journey, but luckily you’re in the right place! After obtaining multiple suggestions and answers from questionnaires sent out to CAD engineers in our community, Vagon has compiled a list of the top resources to start learning Fusion 360. Check out their recommendations below!

If you happen to be more into SolidWorks as a product design tool, you can also check out our post Best Tutorials for Learning SOLIDWORKS in 2020 for a similar guide to this software!

1.Product Design Online 🔗

With over 94K subscribers and over 5 million views, Product Design Online is one of the best YouTube channels out there for learning Fusion 360. In the various playlists offered, the host of the channel, Kevin Kennedy takes viewers through a variety of different subjects, from quick tips and suggestions for beginners to intermediate surface modeling and advanced Fusion 360 concepts.

If you’re new to the software and just discovering his channel for the first time, be sure to check out his playlist “Fusion 360 for Beginners”, which takes you through all of the essentials of the software in 31 videos.

2.Tyler Beck of Tech & Espresso 🔗

More tailored to 3D printing with Fusion 360, Tyler Beck’s channel is dedicated to helping engineers and designers create Fusion 360 designs and process 3D prints. Even with this focus however, Tyler also provides a great selection of video tutorials for those just getting started or at more intermediate levels.

3.Lars Christensen 🔗

With a multitude of beginner, intermediate, and advanced videos, covering everything from tips and tricks to the software, updates and Fusion 360 news, and solid creation examples, there is no wonder 175K people have subscribed to his channel. In addition to the typical tutorial videos posted, Lars also provides Q&A livestreams to ask questions directly. Working with CAD creation in a variety of different softwares since 2008, and judging by the quality of his content, Lars’ channel is definitely an opportunity to learn directly from a professional in the industry.

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4.Arnold Rowntree 🔗

Tailored more towards beginners in the software, Arnold Rowntree provides a variety of simple yet useful playlists walking beginners through the basics of the software. Check out his beginners playlist to see the fundamentals of navigation, tips and tricks, and more intermediate examples of application!

5.Engineering Juice 🔗

Similar to the previous channels discussed, Engineering Juice has a great selection of beginner and intermediate playlists for those getting started with Fusion 360 for the first time. If you are also new to SolidWorks, there are some great playlists here for you as well!

More notably with this channel, if you are looking for tutorials in tolerance stack-up analysis and simulation with Fusion 360, there are a great selection of videos to get started with. Check out this video below, looking at static stress simulation on an iron beam!

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