June 13, 2021

June 13, 2021

June 13, 2021

Top Tutorials for Learning Autodesk Maya

Top Tutorials for Learning Autodesk Maya

Top Tutorials for Learning Autodesk Maya




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What Is AutoDesk Maya?

Autodesk Maya is software used by 3D artists in various industries, including architecture, film, and TV. It has high-end plugins and advanced tools that make it one of the best software for 3D rendering. As an industry-standard, users of Autodesk Maya can feel good about the nearly unlimited features the software provides and the impressively fast live rendering on the software.

If you want to check out the software, you can go here to download Maya. At $1,275/year, the price can seem a bit intimidating, but be sure to check out their free trials to get a taste of the software first.

Maya is used in studios all over the world and can handle pretty intense post-production pipelines. It is considered one of the best software for 3D modeling. If you feel ready to join the rest of Autodesk Maya users out there, you’re in the right place! Here are Vagon’s top picks for YouTube tutorials in the software to get started.

Mike Hermes 🔗

Mike Hermes has a fantastic channel that shows all of the Maya updates throughout the years. If you are looking for a starting point, his channel can help you along your path. Some playlists that are definitely worth checking out are his Maya Tutorials, which include dozens of new videos updated regularly, covering all of the necessary tips and tricks and a plethora of examples to practice with!

Maya Guy 🔗

Dedicated to hosting a variety of different Maya tutorials for people at all experience levels, Maya Guy is a great place to go, whether you are just starting out or continuing to build your skills. If you’re wondering if you can trust the expertise of this channel, don’t worry.

Maya Guy is one 3D artist that has been working in broadcast, post-production, and animation for over 15 years. With dozens of video tutorials to choose from, you are guaranteed to excel in Autodesk Maya after consulting this YouTube channel.

FlippedNormals 🔗

When you render with Maya, you also have access to the Arnold renderer. Arnold seamlessly switches between GPU rendering and CPU rendering. CPU rendering used to be the standard, but it can tie up your computer and take hours. With new advances in GPU technology, switching your renders between the GPU and CPU can allow you great flexibility.

Flipped Normals has a great channel dedicated to learning 3D modeling. This tutorial will present you with ways to use the Arnold renderer for lighting.

It’s also worth checking out their Maya Tutorials playlist which contains over 40 videos to learn from, covering topics such as Maya features and additional plugins, to name just a few.

Game Dev Academy 🔗

Autodesk Maya is used a ton for video game development. If you are attempting to add Maya to your game dev workflow, check out the Game Dev Academy YouTube channel.

Here you can find a variety of playlists covering Maya fundamentals all the way through to more intermediate topics. The best aspect of this channel is the focus placed on Maya for game development.

If this is your focus on 3D creation, you’ll definitely want to spend a bit of time on this channel.

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