December 16, 2021

December 16, 2021

December 16, 2021

Better Performances & New Regions at Vagon

Better Performances & New Regions at Vagon

Better Performances & New Regions at Vagon




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2022 is upon us, and it’s time for us to share some good news with you!

TL;DR: new performances and regions have arrived!

  • 2x more powerful new GPU performance options: Fire series with NVIDIA A10Gs 🔥

  • New regions: Ohio, Montreal, Stockholm, Bahrain, Tokyo and Seoul

  • Operating system level upgrades for a better experience,

  • 25GB extra storage to all accounts, and 75GB disk storage as default!

Next-Generation GPU Performance Options

Planet, Star and Galaxy helped all of us to complete many projects last year, but now it’s time for more power. We introduce our new Fire Series.🔥

New performance options - Spark, Flame, Blaze and Lava - come with the latest NVIDIA GPUs inside, A10Gs.

The GPU performance of the Fire series is more than 2x better compared to our Universe series, and they are ready for your beefiest projects.

Benchmarks run with Nishita Sky Demo on Blender 3.0

Fire series performance options are now available in Dublin, North Virginia and Oregon. We are going to expand their availability soon.

6 New Regions & Global Coverage

Vagon is now much more accessible!

We continuously expand Vagon’s regional coverage and we’re proud to announce that new regions are finally ready to provide minimum latency for your Vagon experience.

Now, Vagon computers are accessible all around the world through our 14 regions, in total. While creating your Vagon computer, you’ll be assigned to the optimum data center regarding your location.

You can select your Vagon computer’s location manually, too, if needed.

Hello Stockholm, Tokyo, Ohio, Montreal, Bahrain and Seoul!

Just keep in mind that CPU-only performance options are not available in Stockholm, Montreal, and Bahrain for now. We’ll be adding those options as we hear from you about it! 🙌🏼

Operating System Upgrades

We’ve made improvements on the OS side for a better experience as well. Starting today, when you create a new Vagon computer, it will start with the upgraded operating system. This upgrade will extend the application support coverage of your Vagon, too.

25GB Extra Computer Storage for All

Previously, we were providing 50GB of disk storage included in computer storage plans by default.

However, with the evolution of applications and the need for more space, we decided to add 25GB of additional disk storage to all accounts without extra charge! Now, all computer plans include 75GB computer disk storage by default, for the same price.

Of course, you can still add more storage anytime.

We will release more features soon to ease your workflow! If you have any feedback, or any comment just let us know. 😊

Stay tuned for the news by following our blog, and try Vagon now if you haven’t already.

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