January 24, 2021

January 24, 2021

January 24, 2021

Creative Interview: Joseph Ryba / Designer

Creative Interview: Joseph Ryba / Designer

Creative Interview: Joseph Ryba / Designer




economics, art and culture lover

Joseph Ryba is a 3D artist and motion designer living and working in Houston, Texas.

With over 8 years of experience, he has worked on countless projects across several industries including oil and gas, medical, technology and fashion.

As a current full time animator and CMF designer with HP, he works with the product design team to tell captivating stories and elevate products.

In addition to those project, he is creating amazing motion and CGI projects and share with his community from his IG account.

You can check his portfolio from his own web site.

What is your daily routine? In which part of the day do you feel more productive?

My routine is pretty structured. I have a pregnant wife and toddler at home right now so I have some dad duties to take care of before and after work.

Days start pretty early but I am generally most productive in the morning.

How do you get inspired, storytelling wise?

Inspiration for storytelling comes from a lot of places for me but mostly movies, films and music.

I love humor also, so inspiration can come from funny little everyday moments too.

Which softwares do you use while creating?

I use 3Ds Max with Tyflow and Vray for 3D and Adobe CC for compositing and everything else.

Is your computer’s hardware enough to achieve your creative goals? What’s your computer hardware specs?

My main workstation computer is pretty old but has been getting the job done for a while.

It has an i5-3570k, 32 GB ram and two GTX 970 FTW. I also have a render node with dual E5-2697 v2 and 32 GB ram for CPU rendering.

Which communities and platforms do you follow to stay up to date?

I try to generally keep up with the film, CG and motion graphics community.

I spend a lot of time on sites like Behance, Stash Media and Motionographer. Pinterest and Instagram help with quick updates.

As Vagon team, we really enjoyed with that little chat with him about his daily process. To learn more about creatives all over the world, follow our blog and social media.

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