March 14, 2023

March 14, 2023

March 14, 2023

What is Application Streaming?

What is Application Streaming?

What is Application Streaming?




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Faster and more consistent internet speeds have made it more viable to stream data online. Nowadays, this isn’t just limited to data and media; full-on application streaming is now rising in popularity.

Let’s talk about the ins and outs of application streaming and what it means for the future.


Application streaming is a type of on-demand distribution of software that works by requiring users to install just the essential parts of its code on their machines. Anything else is supplied to the user only as needed over the internet or network. This is similar to how we usually stream videos or music online where the user doesn’t have copies of the video and music files on their machine - chunks of these types of media are downloaded and directly played on-screen only when the user chooses to play it.

Application streaming is somewhat related to the concept of virtual machines. The key difference between the two is that application streaming still requires the user to install and run key parts of their programs locally while virtual machines do so completely remotely. That makes it so that users can use applications both offline and online.

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Use Case Scenarios

Companies often utilize application streaming as a way to reduce subscription fees for necessary software. When a company, for example, provides machines to their staff, they can use the application usage utilities of application streaming to figure out which machines need the software and only choose to deliver running versions of that program to the computers that need it.

This kind of “deliver only what’s needed” concept also applies at a more localized scale. Most programs that run on application streaming only have their startup code installed in a user’s computer. As the user starts up the program and selects the options available to it, the corresponding code for those options is only then downloaded and run through application streaming. This saves network bandwidth, computer memory, and storage, and generally streamlines most workflows.

In 2018, Google was among the first to experiment with application streaming at a large scale by offering its “Instant apps” feature. This allowed users to test drive preview versions of compatible apps before deciding to download them fully. MS Office 365 also uses its “Click to Run” streaming system to deliver its Office desktop applications.

Providers such as Vagon are great examples of how to implement application streaming to your program.

Advantages of Application Streaming

Application trims the fat, so to say, from the installation and utilization of apps. For one, it lets users download just the parts of the programs that they require, saving on both network bandwidth and computer storage. Additionally, it lets users avoid the use of any unutilized apps and programs to make sure their machine is running optimally and as fast as it can.

Application streaming is especially great for mobile work setups. Several users can have access to the same copy of the application that is installed on a centralized remote server without having to have a full version of the program installed on their machines. This way, any updates or maintenance for the program need only be done on the main copy of the program.

As mentioned before, application streaming also significantly cuts back on subscription costs for a lot of programs, since only one license is needed for the main copy of the application. Is Application Streaming the Future?

Application streaming makes using the software much easier and more affordable than ever. It’s perfect for remote setups and can be used both offline and online. And this technology is being developed more and more as time goes on.

Overall, it provides a better experience for users. With applications becoming more integral to professional and personal workflows, application virtualization systems will inevitably become much more useful in the coming years.

If you’re curious about how you can integrate application streaming into your workflow, Vagon Streams is here to help.

Getting Started

With the help of Vagon Streams, now you can make any desktop app work from any device via the browser with no code and only with a few clicks.

Product companies, studios that develop virtual and visual experiences, agencies, design app developers, game companies, and anyone who touches performance can benefit from Vagon Streams in just 2 simple steps:

(1) Upload your application file

(2) Customize your choices and you’re ready to go!

Vagon Streams is fully automated and ready to present your users with a brand-new experience. Whether what you are looking for is virtual experiences, real estate virtualization, virtual exhibitions, concerts, product showrooms, a design on the web, education, meta, gaming, entertainment, virtual assistance, or more, now you can present these experiences without device-dependence with Vagon Streams!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance & information.

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